10 reasons why we are totally obsessed with painted floors

We really love rugs….but we are totally obsessed with painted floors.

The pics we selected really tell the story but if you still need us to break it down, here are the reasons why.

  1. Bring absolute cheeriness to your space.
  2. Always unique, works of art.
  3. Less expensive than ANY other flooring.
  4. So unexpected!
  5. Very practical too.
  6. Hides many hideous floors like plywood, stained wood, old flooring, etc.
  7. No skill necessary…ultimate DIY.
  8. Endless possibilites.
  9. Super quick…total weekend warrior project (we have done both of ours the night before hosting parties).
  10. So easy to change but you won’t, we are that confident you’ll love the results.

You’ve got a few days before Thanksgiving which floors have you decided to paint?

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