Mums & Pumpkins on Moodboard Monday

Moodboard Monday…New England edition.


Do you know what is sooo New England?

A mum and a pumpkin vignette on your front entry/porch.

New England House
Found @ Brattleboro, VT

That’s it.


In fact, we always noticed this trend, but never really analyzed it to the extent that we did this fall season.  Most homes have a pot of mums, and a pumpkin on their front door stoop.  That’s it.  It’s not even a carved pumpkin.  Just this:


Every home seems to “decorate” their home for the season.  In fact, we’ve seen truck flats filled being delivered to homes to fill their yards with mums.  For the season.  Yes, that’s right.  Just the season.  They don’t come back, but it is an annual purchase of these:

Fall mums

Being from Southern California, we were used to decorating for Halloween.  You know tombstones and ghosts in the front yard and spiderwebs in the walkway.  And there are a few people that will add some Halloween decor, but this is way more common of a scene:

It’s almost as if you receive a mum and a pumpkin upon house purchase in New England alongside a weathervane and a Dunkin’ Donuts on the corner of your street.  Seriously, there is nothing more “New England” than that.

And we love it.

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