Mood Board MONDAY: simply Scandinavian

Clean. Crisp. Bold. Unexpected. That’s simply Scandinavian.

We love great interiors.  We especially love Scandinavian interiors.  There is a focus on simplicity, function and beauty…alongside some hygge (coziness).  Between the clutter free environments that appear to have been created (with intention) over time, here’s what we’ve common in many Scandinavian homes.

Mood Board Monday: Simply Scandinavian
Via: Kvarteret makleri

Embrace the light:

Whether it is with white walls, light wood flooring, candlelight or a major statement pendant, being ” light” is key. Also, to achieve major hygge, candlelight is embraced, especially at dinnertime to create a cozy environment.  Part of the reason Scandinavian design is so beautiful is due to the light backgrounds that allow for the furniture and statement pieces to stand out.  Lighter backgrounds, or neutral color palettes create an overall calming effect and let the art and furniture make a statement.

Mood Board Monday Simply Scandinavian
Via: Kvarteret makleri

Form & Function:

Clean lines are the way of Scandinavian furniture, and most pieces serve dual purposes.  Practical and beautiful, there is a need for pieces to be visually appealing and functional.  Storage is necessary and used to house all the “clutter” in the home.  Ever wondered why Scandinavian spaces appeared to be so clean?  There is a home for everything, and a “less is more” mentality.

Mood Board Monday: Simply Scandinavian

Simple Decorative Accents:

The emphasis is not on overly “decorated” homes.  Most homes have bare windows, or there are limited window treatments in order to let as much light in as possible.  As for “decor,” many are quite simple, and there is an emphasis on geometric patterns, ceramics and artwork in most every design.  Also found in many Scandinavian interiors are warm textiles and lots of textural objets to create an inviting space.  Typically curated and collected over time, this is what personalize each space.

Mood Board Monday: Simply Scandinavian


Perhaps one of the most distinctive qualities is the emphasis on nature and natural elements.  Warm woods used in dining and coffee tables, chairs and sofas, or the architectural elements in a home really bring the outside in.  Attention to living plants are a necessity in many homes.  With an emphasis on nature, most homes have trees, fresh flowers, or potted plants since they are necessary.

Mood Board Monday: Simply Scandinavian

We love the Scandi look.  We have had a few clients that request this service from us too, and we always have fun installing those designs. Here are some great things with you if you’re interested in adding a little hygge and Scandinavia in your home. Below are some links for you to check out.  We get a small commish, but you don’t pay any more.  Oh yeah!  Happy Mood Board Monday!

Get the look here:


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