BIG Kitchen Reveal: Not your basic New England Kitchen, doing it California Style with an Impeccable Twist!

“BEFORE” the big kitchen reveal…

The 1990s called and they want your “Almond” appliances, peach tile, and corian countertops back.  Like now. Oh my goodness, these are photos when we, my boyfriend, now husband, you all know him as design hubby and I hosted our first friendsgiving. Can you say “country kitchen” much! Thank goodness we are so hot looking because this kitchen was so “yikes”. As you will see, we plugged along with this “killer kitchen” for years, one marriage and three children later to be exact.

Seriously…nothing beats builder grade everything in a 1990s new build, but HELLO!  It’s 2018, and time to bring that kitchen into this century, with a dope design, and new layout.

Let’s face it, everything was in working order.  But just because it “worked” does not mean it should have stayed.  How many of you are still working with that peach Home Depot tile on your floors?

We were for years…until just last summer.  But wait, we aren’t totally dissing Home Depot. We used another tile from them in the new space. And yes, this amazing Southern New Hampshire client was…us.  Yes, Impeccable Nest.  And yes, it’s totes amazeballs.

AND like everyone else, we were on a budget (which is a total buzzkill). If you think because we are designers we can use all of those super amazing things we find for clients, well, sorry to expose our secret, we can’t!  However, it really forced us to get smart and resourceful on where we found our things, and what we were to choose.  But where did we start?

It all started with tile.

We are SOOOO in love with cement tile (especially those at the Cement Tile Shop) but found a pretty cool substitute.  This one in fact, from Home Depot AND Wayfair.  And for those DIYer’s that LOVE John and Sherry from “Young House Love” they used the blue version in their beach house bathroom (it looks just as awesome too).

We bought this tile a full year before we officially decided to commit to a full blown kitchen gut/remodel.  We are the types of people that have to really live with a design before we pull the trigger.  These tiles were placed on the countertops for a while, leaned against the wall in the pantry to see if we REALLY liked them.  And you know what?  We did, and still do.

And last year, as some of you may remember, we decided to demo the entire kitchen with no real plan of what we were going to do with it.  So, on January 1st, 2017, we had nothing left in the kitchen.  We even took up that ugly tile I’ve been complaining about on the floors.  But the hardest part for us was deciding which direction we wanted to go…

BIG Kitchen Reveal: Not your basic New England Kitchen, doing it California Style with an Impeccable Twist!

We flirted with the idea of a white kitchen, but realized that we would have to change so much of our house and current decor, that it wasn’t realistic.  And you know what?  I don’t think it really felt like “us” either.  We then thought we would do black or grey cabinets, but we ended up with a gorgeous Hickory cabinet, stained in Hazelnut.  They’re beauties, and totally timeless.

Based on our cabinet choice, we then created our inspiration board for our new kitchen.

BIG Kitchen Reveal: Not your basic New England Kitchen, doing it California Style with an Impeccable Twist!

And we created a layout for our new open plan…

Perhaps one of the biggest changes we made to the space was the elimination of the peninsula where our sink and dishwasher were located.  THIS really opened up the space, however we were still plagued with what to do with the breakfast nook!

Many homes, it seems as though we have 3-4 dining spaces all right in a row.  It starts with the dining room, followed by some eating space at an island, or peninsula, then a kitchen table, and ending with the outdoor table.  Do we ever feed that many people at once? Did we really need all of those places to eat?

Also, where do people ALWAYS seem to hang?  In the kitchen.

Therefore, time to rethink the layout.  And we wouldn’t have been able to do that if we had the old layout in our faces.  We had to treat ourselves like our own clients, and came up with the best possible layout for our kitchen reveal.

Here’s what we did:


We widened the entry from our dining room into our kitchen to incorporate the room into our kitchen.

BIG Kitchen Reveal: Not your basic New England Kitchen, doing it California Style with an Impeccable Twist!


Changed out the flooring and installed unfinished hardwood floors.   Also, we took this opportunity to refinish the floors downstairs and stain them.  And we finished the opening between the two spaces.


Since we were gutting the entire space, it gave us the opportunity to tackle the ceiling.  The kitchen is open to our family living room space, and we had a spare beam laying around our garage when we had the best idea.  Why not install the beam (salvaged from a job site (FREE!)) as a “divider” for the two rooms?  But it was too short.  So the day before August was born (we had thought we would have a completed kitchen by the time he was born, oops!), we visited one of our favorite, and local salvage yards (Nor’east Architectural) and picked up these cool molding details.

It’s hard when you have a new build because they seriously lack character, we took this as an opportunity to create and install our own details.  And since we hate our popcorn-ish ceiling, we wanted to install beadboard with a small coffer detail.



Perhaps the best part of our kitchen was designing the island.  This is the workhorse and hub of our room, and required the greatest amount of patience when it came to deciding what and how to build it. Using the extra eating space of the breakfast nook, it has become our family workstation.  Everything is installed in our island: sink, dishwasher, microwave, bookcases, storage, AND room for us to sit at, we are super happy with the layout.

Since we have a richly colored kitchen, it is only natural that we had a dark and rich countertop to match, which is why we chose soapstone.  Full of veins and movement, they are natures beautiful addition to our kitchen.


The bones were all installed, we placed our other island (remember when Martha Stewart and Bernhardt had a line?  We LOVE this piece) in the other end of the kitchen with a dope runner underneath.  (What kitchen doesn’t need an amazing runner?).  The time had come to install our inspiration piece…and it was everything we thought it would be and more.

In fact, we loved it so much, it totally supported our reasoning not to install upper cabinets and move forward with open shelving.  The shelf brackets were purchased through etsy, and we had more salvaged wood to have as our shelves.  Thoughts?

Oh!  Don’t forget our lighting…

And now for the BIG REVEAL…

This was a labor of love, and we loved every single moment of our kitchen renovation, and sharing the big kitchen reveal with you.

If you are dreaming of a renovation for yourself, we could help you out with that

Design: Impeccable Nest Interior Design/Contractor: John Harding Image Contracting/Electrical: Evan Jones/Tile: Bill Morrison The Floor Store of Nashua/Cabinetry: Not Just Kitchens/ Countertops: RE Marble & Granite/ Plumbing: Queen City Plumbing

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