Raffia fabric adds an element of design, texture.

Raffia is an excellent way to add texture to any interior.

Texture is a design element that helps give your interiors depth, that layered quality designers all talk about. It comes in many textures and styles, even fabric. We have gathered some easy raffia fabric detailed projects that you can try yourself.


1. Headboard: You can cover a headboard using raffia fabric. It will give texture and an island style aesthetic to your bedroom. Finish the edge with a hammered nail and it works for both masculine and feminine vibes.

raffia headboard

2. Trays: Trays are great functional stylish pieces. What a great idea to cover a tray especially if you just can’t find the color of look you want…make a custom one by wrapping one in raffia fabric. Texture and function in one!

raffia tray

3. Art: There are raffia fabrics called kuba cloth that is so beautiful and striking that you could simply frame them. Kuba cloth is a traditional patterned textile made by the Kuba people in Congo. The Kuba embroider the cloth by pulling fibers through it. Each design holds a special symbolic meaning.

raffia artwork

4. Furniture/Cabinetry: You can give furniture a textural detail by applying raffia fabric onto panels of the furniture. Using adhesive spray this is a very simple way to give an upgrade custom look to furniture and cabinetry.

raffia furniture panel

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