The only flower arrangement you will ever have to buy.

Love the idea of fresh flowers?

You are not going to pick an argument with us.

If you can get them.

Can keep them alive and replenished.

Do it.

Do it often.

Flower arrangements are one of the tricks of the trade for designers when styling a room. Nothing compares like flowers. For color, for that perfect natural element. Always.


But let’s be practical. Who has the budget and whats more, we all don’t have that knack with plants. And it pains us to throw them out. Sure, there’s the fake plant route. We’ve even blogged about them.

But seriously, nothing compares to the absolute beauty of a real flower arrangement. Nothing.


However…Ready for our fabulous solution?

The arrangement you will probably only have to purchase once. And it’s the real deal. Super chic too.

We can’t believe that it has taken us this long to actually tell you. Because we have had this arrangement for years…like more than 20 years. We have just moved it around a bit, like from across the country and from room to room. Guess it just never dawned on us that we were sitting on this fabulous solution.

The answer to all of the flower arrangement woes.


Hold on to your chair.

(drum roll, please)…..

It’s the Pussy Willow!

The only flower arrangement you will ever have to buy. Impeccable Nest Design

We have had these same pussy willow branches for years. We have changed the vessel they have been in a few times. They have moved them from space to space. And we have cut them related to what vessel we have placed them in. Yes, they have been longer! We originally placed them in a large vintage shipping container when we had a store front. (Wish we could locate a picture of them there) They were awesome. But when we brought them home they were way too long even for our 10 ft ceilings. The only threat this arrangement has had are the little fingers in our house picking off the pussy buds. That’s it.

Oh and they are totally appropriate and gorgeous year round.

They seem to be identified as a Spring arrangement so you will have the best luck finding them in March, April or May…but they look just as great in a room all 4 seasons and every holiday too.  They can be found at your local Whole Foods or Trader Joes at random times throughout the year.  Run, don’t walk and pick some up.

So yes, get flowers.

They are simply divine. Yet if you are looking for an arrangement that doesn’t need watering or doesn’t need replacing…try a bundle of pussy willows. They are for real.


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