Design Dilemma Solution: Bookcase Door

Do we have a design dilemma solution for you.

Too many doors not enough architectural detail? The bookcase door solves them both. Bonus points for secret wall/room factor. So James Bond. Holy Batman!

Bookcase Door

We just discovered the Murphy Door and we can’t wait to use it. Do you have a room that enters another room without a hall between them…a bathroom right off a dining room? A bookcase door would be the perfect solution to add elegance to the dining room and neatly hide the bathroom entrance. Laundry room off your kitchen? A bookcase door would hide your baskets of dirty laundry, and yet provide key kitchen storage and no one would ever know it! Or how about those rooms with just too many doors? Imagine a french door bookcase doors instead…the possibilities are endless to add function and design to frustrating spaces.

Murphy Door

We love the idea of using this door in an especially tough spot, like under the staircase. Perhaps there was an existing door there for some small storage space and you want to make it look less awkward?

James Bond or Dick Wayne shouldn’t be the only ones with hidden man caves behind the bookcase. We all have something we’d like to keep hidden away…well we’ve busted the lid off of best kept design dilemma solution for you, the Murphy Door. You don’t need to live in a Medieval castle to have a hidden door. This trend is much more accessible than you think and will be the perfect conversation piece for your home.


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