Right On Target: Amber Interiors for Less

Everyone is crushing on the “Ambers Interiors” look…and count us in on that too!

On our recent design business trip to Los Angeles, we could not resist a trip to her shoppe in Calabasas. The store and everything in it was gorgeous.  It was everything we expected, and more.

Casual. Rustic. Refined. Elegant. Chic. Perfect.

Here is a peek inside her store. We KNOW you are dying to see. If you’re in Calabasas, you must go there yourself. You know, after your Kardashian salad lunch. (yes. Calabasas is where all the Kardashians can be found).  Don’t worry, we definitely had one, and LOVED IT!

It’s a picture perfect destination and the salads from the Health Nut?…totally worth all the hype.


But wait…can’t just jet off to California? Or worse yet, afraid her keen eye for design is just out of reach for your budget?

Fear no more!

We have found Amber Interiors-esque looks from Target. Yes, you heard us, you can find furnishings at Target to get that coveted Amber Interiors style for much much less. Now, maybe you can afford a trip to L.A. any way, because damn Gia those salads are really that good.


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