6 tips to get that “collected look” for your home.

Does everyone know the “collected” look?

We’re fairly confident most have heard of eclectic, but not quite as common is the use of “collected” as a look. Actually we have often used eclectic to describe this style and have now moved to using collected when we describe our personal style. We feel collected describes what we strive to achieve with our designs.

What is the collected look?

The best description we like is – the ability to edit and curate diverse pieces, eras, and textures. The end result should be a cohesive, classic, and intentional look NOT a hodgepodge secondhand shop look. This may sound intimidating. Well, it is. Just like most things in life that requires balance, it takes work, a good eye, and attention to detail. Yet the rewards are a home that looks, feels one-of-a-kind, comfortable not fussy.

1. Mix and Match: Choose different furniture styles, different wood tones. The matchy match furniture sets is not the way to go for this look

6 tips to get that "collected look" in your home


2. Create Consistency. To avoid the hodgepodge feel, you’ll want consistency of color, scale, shape, feel and visual balance.

6 tips to get that "collected look" in your home


3.Combine Old and New.

Now we are not talking haul everything out from your grandmother’s attic here but you’ll want some things with a past, some age, some patina as we like to say. Vintage and antiques pieces add interest to a room.

6 tips to get that "collected look" in your home


4.Think Outside the Box.

This is where you add that one-of-a-kind, not like everyone else’s vibe to your home. It is using items in a different way than the originally intended purpose, adding personality and creativity.

6 tips to get that "collected look" in your home


5.Shop at a Variety of Places.

You don’t want your room to look like a furniture store showroom so you can’t one stop shop. This look comes from a variety of places.

6 tips to get that "collected look" in your home



6.Choose Meaningful Items.

Buy what you love, if you really love it, it most likely it will work. Seriously, it can be a simple as this. Collections are made up of things people love. Your home should be filled with things you love and designed using elements of style. This will give you a home that feels good and looks good.

6 tips to get that "collected look" in your home


To read more about how we get the collected look for our clients.

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