Are you New Traditional style?

To understand if you are of the new traditional style, let’s look at what is considered traditional.

Traditional style was described by matched furnishings of the same period, saturated color, multiple patterns, with heavy layers of window treatments and accessories. Modern life has changed the way we think of traditional although many who desire this style want something classic and timeless without all the fuss of the past.

New traditional style seeks formal furniture with a focus on comfort and a sleeker look. There is a freedom to mix finishes and periods. New traditional has a more personal feel with classic seating plans except for a larger more family friendly scale.

Here are some ways to update and modernize a traditional room:

Rethink art

Instead of hanging single pieces alone on the wall, consider a grouping or something large scale. Something really large really adds some excitement to a room that is usually missing in a more traditional room. Or forget about using the traditional framed art and use found items like old signs, board games, or other vintage objects to use as art.

Reduce the clutter.

To achieve that new traditional look, less is more. You want to see and appreciate what is in the room yet you don’t need so many things to do this. Go for bigger or group your smaller items to give them visual interest. The new traditional style is a little bolder, a little more color, and a little more defined.

Are you New Traditional style?

Update lampshades

To make a lamp look less fussy, simply switch out the traditional pleated shades to a simple drum shade.

Are you New Traditional style?

Break up the matchy-match furniture sets.

As a rule, there shouldn’t be more than 4 matching pieces…or anything in a room. So move some things to other rooms of the house. Besides combining furniture from other time periods and finishes make a room more timeless. You can bring the mix of furnishings together through the use of a unifying color palette.

Are you New Traditional style?

Simplify your windows.

Get rid of those heavy curtains. Say no to valances and swags. Instead opt for tailored panels or other simple options like roman or bamboo shades, shutters, or nothing at all.

Are you New Traditional style?

Use atmospheric hues.

Gone are the saturated colors like burgundy and dark green. New traditionalists use lighter hues, even white. Now, that doesn’t mean washed out and boring. It means adding eye popping citrus accents to the neutral background.

Are you New Traditional style?

No more off limit, formal rooms!

Make those formal rooms more casual and family friendly. If it means adding a TV, then do so. An oversized coffee table can double as a place to eat or do homework. You want to make the room usable, not hands off. Think about how you use the space. A rarely used dining room might be best used with the addition of a a desk for a home office.


This is it…the new direction of design and beautiful homes.  Lived in, worn, and well loved, yet filled with beautifully constructed furniture pieces found in antique stores, flea markets, or new stores.  If you’re looking for some really cool pieces to update your home in a New Traditional style, check this, this or this one out.