What is a “Grand Millennial?”

Grand Millenial
Thank you House Beautiful for this perfect visual.

Do you watch movies like “Little Women” and shows like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” or “Anne with an E” and get totally inspired? Do they make you want to search for brown furniture and floral wallpapers?

Yes! Us too!

What are your thoughts on a perfect four poster bed? Possibly complete with a canopy?

Long floral dresses? Perfectly set tables with block prints, stripes and hydrangeas or peonies?

Us too!

Do you secretly love the look of the same fabric on the walls and fabrics in a space? Currently planning a trip to the Newport Mansions for your newest design fix and inspo?

We really should have made this one a quiz. Because if you are like us, then you too are a “Grand Millennial.” Or obsessed with “granny chic” home design.

Basically, old school traditional.

At first, we took some offense to this term. It was a comment from another designer and friend that offered this up to us…and we weren’t sure how to take it. But..after much consideration we own it. We love it! And we live it.

This design trend was defined by House Beautiful to “have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be ‘stuffy’ or ‘outdated’ — Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, embroidered linens…” says the publication… and of course wicker, chintz, and needlepoint! 

Honestly, we didn’t know where we were ultimately headed when it came to our own personal style. We just “liked what we liked!” So to hear this term, and read all about it, totally hits home. And you know what? We are owning it. It’s maximal traditionalist, with an air of whimsey bohemian…well that’s what we like to think.

So, you think you might be a “grand millennial?”

Like we said, we didn’t fully know we were on this path in the beginning, but we do now. Either way, it’s all started with Kim’s love of wicker, and our mutual appreciation of texture. Think jute rugs, layered with a persian on top, and a rattan coffee table. Most of this is all found via consignment or antique stores, or on the Facebook marketplace. Yes, we like to “find” our treasures too…just like a granny.

In this new house, we really went for it. The formality of the architecture sort of directed the design of the interiors, but like we said…it’s something we’ve always loved. Bamboo light fixtures, vintage/antique Persian rugs, and Schumacher fabrics steal the show. But perhaps it is also our love of upcycled, beautiful furniture. *Side note* We have been really struggling as designers in this culture of “throw away” or “starter” furniture. We constantly are fighting this because where is all going to go? That is why we advocate for looking at antique and consignment stores for some key items, and believe in reupholstering found sofas…which just happens to be a critical ingredient in “granny chic” or “grand millennial” style.

Sure, it’s a little over the top…but it’s a perfectly gilded lily that we adore. An ode to traditional design styles, but with a refreshing attitude…or an inside joke. And it’s so comforting to see that there is so much color, brown wood, and pattern coming back into style in the 2020s.

It’s fresh…not too formal, or serious.

WE LOVE BROWN FURNITURE! CHINOISERIE. FLORALS. UPHOLSTERY. CHINA. And we think you should too. It adds something interesting, the perfect “patina” to a space. And if you aren’t feeling it this year, we are sure you’ll love it next year. Here’s some great finds to add a little granny or grand to your home:

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