Ginger Jars: The Perfect Touch to Any Room

What is the one thing every designer uses in a design?

Truthfully, we probably would all call out different things…but for sure someone, if not many, will exclaim “ginger jars”! Once this is listed, all of us will comment, oh yes, love the ginger jar. They are a go to item and we snap them up when we see them. Ginger jars are just about as close to perfection as any accessory can be.

But don’t just go by what we say, just feast your eyes…

Bookcase Art

Want a great way to create interest and impact for your bookcase? Look no further than ginger jars! Stacked on books, even as stand alone, these beauties come in handy.


Statement pieces.

What’s not to love about a row of grand vessels down the center of a table. Or how about a couple of these huge mommas standing sentry in your entry way or flanking a console table or fireplace. Simply eye-catching.

Ginger Jars as Lamps

Not just gorgeous to look at, they can be quite functional made into lamps. Again, either nestle amongst others or by themselves on a table.

Modern Touches

No need to worry about the style of your home, these babies go with it all.

Traditional Touches

Yes, you have seen these jars for ages in all of the fine homes around the world. Hello, that’s why they are considered timeless. And don’t we all want to have a fine home?!

En masse Collections

Once you get started collecting, you just can’t quit. And frankly, why would you. More is more works beautifully here.


Classic Blue and White Flair

This is where these baubles shine. From the kitchen, to the entryway –even outside!– every room of the house needs them.


Bold and Funky Vibe

There is no end to the color and design possibilities.

What’s even better about these timeless design accessories is that they go with any style, in any room, and at all price points. Ginger jars are most definitely a more is more thang. To make it easy for ya’ll, we have some faves right here to ogle. Just click on the one you love to get started today on your collection!

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