Apartment goals! Swoon-worthy Paris Pad

As if we needed another excuse to move to Paris…

Grab a croissant and a cafe au lait, and take this all in. Bold use of color, drama, whimsy…I mean who doesn’t want a stuffed peacock in their lounge? This fabulous apartment in the 16th arrondissement, was designed by GCG architects and photographed by Adélaide Klarwein. Truly a wonder to behold.

Let’s start in the apartment’s living room.

apartment living room

apartment living room

In our opinion, the half-wall and iron grate is the key to this design. This feature divides the living space seamlessly and allows for a clear definition of rooms, without closing off the space.

Onto the kitchen!

bold apartment kitchen

bold apartment kitchen

This kitchen is right in so many ways! First, we are obsessed with how the floor is the star of the show and, though they are simple, the cabinets are thoughtfully designed. Secondly, those pendant lights above the island are the perfect modern touch to warm up the space. And finally, those truly unique, arched French doors maintain the vintage character of the flat and let natural light flood the space.

We’re dying to see the bathroom next.

whimsical apartment bathroom

The minimal color palette in this bathroom makes this cityscape wallpaper totally pop, without being overwhelming. Even in this small space, the brass-trimmed mirror and garden hose faucet have the chance to shine.

marble apartment bathroom

bold apartment bathroom

Black and white bathrooms don’t have to look sterile! Natural elements, such as wicker accents and marble half-walls, perfectly warm up the room and make it fabulously inviting for  a luxurious soak in the tub. And we can’t even get over the choice to carry the floor tile to the countertop…talk about inspo!

Show us the bedroom!

boho eclectic apartment bedroom

Talk about the ultimate boho chic bedroom! We feel like this room is the perfect example of how to bring eclectic style to any apartment. It takes true design talent to layer four patterned rugs and make them look effortless. And while we like to see rugs on the floor, we love to see them on the walls. The Moroccan-style tapestry is the best way to prevent the small yet adorable sun mirror from getting lost. Finally, if you’ve been looking for inspiration for your gallery wall, look no further. This Parisian apartment makes excellent use of awkward space around a large opening with an eye-catching gallery wall!

Who says an apartment can’t fit a family? Let’s see the kids’ rooms and nursery!

boho apartment nursery

whimsical apartment kids bedroom

whimsical apartment kids bedroom

whimsical apartment kids bedroom

Whimsy is the name of the game when it comes to kids’ rooms! Sweet, pastel color combinations prevent the wide color palettes from being overwhelming, and consistent features, like paper lantern clusters, connect each room. Our favorite part is the “hole to another universe” painted onto the wall, which is the ultimate whimsical touch and plays with any kids’ imagination.

Finally, here are all of the details throughout the apartment that make it one-of-a-kind.

Are you swooning yet? We sure are! Tell us what you think below and if there are any elements you’d like in your own home!

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