Impeccable FINDS: The Power of Multiples

Do you believe in the power of multiples?

It’s the belief that when things, anything are placed en massé they become amazing works of art. Something to behold!

Take for instance our newly renovated kitchen. We love it. Except for this one wall. From this one angle. It was blah! Boring. Yet we were totally stumped with what to do with it. Probably best to just leave it alone, I mean we are probably the only ones to notice it just wasn’t doing much. (If you haven’t seen our kitchen “before” here’s a link back to an update)

Until. We got inspired.

We have these plates that have been a source of fun and a major pain in the arse. Our inheritance turned into a collection. We never started out officially “collecting” them but we inherited some starter plates from Grandma “Geri” Geraldine. She was a collector. She collected stamps, coins, spoons, all those souvenir things hoping they would one day be that lucky ticket to something. And she collected plates. Yet she never displayed any of these things. They were squirreled away only to come out when we visited and we sneaked into her closet to look at her treasures. In fact growing up, it was a favorite past time to look at all of her “old stuff” in her closets.

Anyway, we got the plates.

They first made their debut in our old dining room, but since we have decided to overhaul the entire house, they’ve been living in bins in our basement.  So now, they are living in our kitchen.  See our before and after below:

I mean, the bunnies, glasses and other kids stuff certainly adds to the shot, but before the room was just blank.  Void.  And now, we have brought it full of life.  And you know what?  Every one of those plates tells a story.  Some are inherited, some were given to us as gifts.  When people wanted to buy us a gift, we told them a plate, but they couldn’t spend more than $5 on it.  We are always up for a challenge.  Either way, it just goes to show that you don’t need to have tons of money to make a big impact.  Just a little bit of a creative spirit, a collection of something you love, and you have the winning combination for something amazing.

Here are some other collections, or “multiples” that we have found that look pretty darn awesome:

We are totally into showing off your things, and what you love.  In fact, we’ve blogged about our style here before.

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