Impeccable Trend: Oversized Wall Art

Oversized wall art is the next home decor trend.

Blank walls.  What to do about them?

We used to always answer this question by putting up a gallery wall (which we STILL LOVE, by the way), however it seems as though here is another BIG design trend for 2018.

Oversized Art.

Yes, giant, large scale art pieces.  Triptychs.  Framed panels.  Large, architectural sized photos/prints.  Huge canvases.  Yes to all of it!

But what about…the gallery wall?

En masse, it is a total game changer.  Fill up that wall with as many frames and photos as you can because it will have the same effect as a large scale piece of art.  In fact, where else are you going to put all of those family photos?

However, you can create a wall that’s filled with frames (that are all the same) and it will feel like an oversized piece of art.  Other ideas?

  • Ask your kids to create a large scale canvas art piece (especially if it’s not in your budget).
  • Take some  of your personal favorite photos and make them larger…fill that wall!
  • Make a large architectural photo copy of a loved ones writing or love letter to frame.
  • Check out Etsy!  There are some amazing piece to be found there. You might discover the next up and coming sensation.
  • Anthropologie has great wall murals that you could put on a sheet of plywood, frame them out, and mount like a large piece of art.

If you’re game, here are some bitchin’ ways to go oversized pieces in your home:


Aren’t these great?  Do you have a large enough wall to experiment with something like this?  We would love to see what you do and what you find.  Again, we are always on the hunt for impeccable pieces.


We aren’t saying a total goodbye the the gallery wall but we think oversized is going to be big, real big in 2018.


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