Impeccable DIY: Turn a coat closet into a cool hip bar


We saw this cool hip bar DIY project in Martha Stewart’s LIVING magazine years ago.

It was so fun, functional and easy. We just didn’t have a closet. So we filed the idea away in our heads waiting for the opportunity to try it ourselves.  Such a great way to create visual interest, and make a space intriguing and useful.

If you don’t remember, or never saw it, here is the inspiration:

Impeccable DIY: Turn a coat closet into a cool hip bar

We waited and waited for the right place to install a super chic, dope bar like this, but we didn’t have the right spot.

That is, until…

We met Woodbury.  Our flip house had THE perfect spot. Here are some blog posts we wrote about our project: here, here, and here.

It had an extra closet in the foyer area that was just begging for an update. We knew right away that a hip bar would be just the thing to make this midcentury modern house a hit! So excited to try it out.

How did it happen?

First step, remove dingy old closet doors. Seriously, it is almost that easy. Next, we added inexpensive cabinets from Lowe’s, a quartz counter top, some shelves (they’re IKEA!) and you’re almost there. Honestly though, the best part is the wallpaper backsplash. Here is where it all comes together and becomes the real gem of the house. It’s the place to make it fun.

Here is our completed vision.
Awesome sauce!

Impeccable DIY: Turn a coat closet into a cool hip bar

Impeccable DIY: Turn a coat closet into a cool hip bar

If you are inspired, here are some things to get you ready to go for it;

Barware like this, this, this, and this.

Glassware like this, this, this, this, this, and this.

Let’s not forget wallpaper, something subtle like this and this. Something fun and colorful, like this and this. A bold look like this or this. Maybe a bohemian look like this. Or maybe a beach toile look like this. Oh, and we must let you know, if you order anything from our recommendations, we do get a small comish, but nothing extra to you. 



That's Impeccable!

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