5 Things Friday: Oscar picks

The Oscar picks is our favorite time of year.

It’s our Super Bowl. We love the movies, the glamour, the celebrity sightings, the food, the fashion, the art, even the politics of it all.

Yet we must be honest, we don’t always get to see all of the movies. We try like heck and we will this year too, but we don’t get to watch all of the movies so we can’t place a fully educated vote. However, here are some votes that we can announce from our area of expertise.

Grab some bubbly and popcorn because they’re pretty Oscar worthy.

1. Best Picture:

Have you been wondering what you are gonna do with out your Fixerupper fix?

Well, we found it.

Our best picture award goes to Restored by the Fords on HGTV.  The star of the show is one adorable and super duper talented interior designer, Leanne Ford, who with her brother Steve Ford, a contractor, renovate older homes in the rural Pennsylvania area. Leanne has a “modern yet lived in” aesthetic and her brother just “gets her” and is able from a construction standpoint bring her unique visions to life.  They’re pretty much like us…we’ve found our spirit animals.

We are addicted…Joanna who?

5 Things Friday: Oscar picks

This is one of our favorite episodes. The Wilmot Project.


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2. Best Costume

Layering pants under a dress look. Or dress over pants. However you see it, this look is feminine and powerful. The senior partner of Impeccable Nest has been rocking this look since the 70s, but this look has really got us both hooked now. If you doubt us this article from H&M will prove it is a thang. From the board room to the nightclub, mommy groups to the beach, every style works well here. It’s beyond the pant suit and the stuffy reputation that has…this is cool and hip and completely limitless with how you can work it.

Finally we can have our pants and dress them too.

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3. Best Art Direction:

Thank you Leanne Ford for turning us on to artist, Alexandra Valenti. Her large scale collages are fabulous.  We can’t wait until her paintings + collages become available on her website.

Keep your eye on her! We sure will be.  We may have placed a couple of orders…


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4. Best Make up:

We aren’t overly made up people, however a few years ago we were introduced to Herbivore Botanicals products…and they’re amazing (and refreshing).  We love the packaging (because they’re aesthetically beautiful), natural, and non-toxic.  If you’re looking to hydrate, glow and have that natural look…look no further.

5 Things Friday: Oscar picks

Our favorite?  The Rose Hibiscus spray.  Aaahhhhhh-mazing!

5. Best Visual Effects:

One last gem from Restored by the Fords. On one of their recent projects, they used concrete skim coating instead of just painting the walls. The results are stunning. They give the walls a sculptural quality. Although it looks very messy, it looks like a fairly easy DIY.

Hey there, design hubby, you game?

Now excuse us, we have a lot of movies to catch before Sunday March 4th.

See you at the movies!


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