Got kids? Want a dutch door? Just cut that door in half!

Want an interior Dutch Door?  Here’s an easy DIY!

By now you should all know we like to try just about anything. So, with two small children in the house and a total dislike of baby proof products, we were in need for a way to add a baby gate for our BIG room.

What is a BIG room?

It is the room in our house that we have our home office AND playroom. We come and go from this room all day every day and we needed some way to trap those little lovebugs, yet keep an eye and ear out for them too.

But yuck, those baby gates are U G L Y.

So, we got to thinking one day…Hmmmm, why don’t we just cut our door in half?


Sounds crazy, right?  Well, it has worked out perfectly.  And we’ve inspired so many people to do the same.  In fact, we can’t really remember what life was like with a full door on the space.  It is so open, and serves such a critical purpose, without the cost of a “real” dutch door.




All we needed to do was child-proof the inside door knob and we have a room that kids can’t get out without parent approval and yet it is open so that we don’t fear them behind a closed door.



Best of all…it looks so much better than what was available.  Also, it really helps keep the space open while we are working, rather than making us feel separated from the rest of the house.  Some people like working behind closed doors, we like to put it out there.

We still have more work to do on this space (like built-ins, and finish the ceiling), but adding this dutch door was an amazingly small (and quick) improvement to the space.

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