Millennial Pink is so hot right now

Millennial Pink?

But what’s the deal?

Millennial Pink, who?  What?  Where?  When?  Why?  How?

Millennial Pink

You know you’ve seen them everywhere…in fact they’re the hottest instagram trend around.  They MAKE your instafeed stand out, but do you even know anything about them?

Rumor has it that millennial pink grew in popularity from Wes Anderson’s super charming film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.  BTW, we have major heart eyes for Wes Anderson films…Bottlerocket is my fave.

Grand Budapest Hotel

So, now that we have the inspiration, how can we work it into design?

Well, it can be the background to most of your rooms, or how about the millwork/cabinetry in a room?  Or paint your ceiling millennial pink for a POP of inspiration?!?!

Some of our favorite bloggers/design lifestylists have infused millennial pink throughout their instafeeds, and in their own homes like Bri Emery of Design Love Fest:

Or another fave: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel

And last, but not least, Cupcakes and Cashmere‘s Emily Schuman:

You see what they’ve done?  They have totally directed an entire generation of people to shift their perspective to something hopeful, light and classic.  Yes, millennial is a classic.  It’s part rose quartz, part blush pink, but totally defining a generation.

The tough part is, how do we infuse it into our interiors?

Well, these three women did it, and did it well…from their textile and art selections to their wall color and statement pieces, they’ve managed to infuse a “trend” into their home in a beautiful way.  Paired with a crisp white, greenery and warm woods, this look is perfectly paired and beautiful.

Since my girls are beyond OBSESSED with pink, we have managed to pull off millennial pink in our house:

Girls Bedroom

And doesn’t it look cute paired with Oh Joy’s wallpaper for Hygge & West?

AAAHHHHH, the possibilities are endless…and millennial pink paired with a pineapple, well then aren’t you so on trend.  If you’re interested in more trends be sure to check out this blog post on black

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