Flea Market Find: Federal Bull’s Eye Mirrors


Federal Bull’s Eye Mirrors are so traditional yet can be so cool too.

Sometimes called Girandole mirrors if candleholders are attached, Federal Bull’s Eye Mirrors have an eagle at the top which was part of the Federal period. These mirrors have an interesting “wide angle fish-eye camera lens” concave glass effect which actually served a purpose. Historically, these mirrors were placed in the dining room of fine homes and the outward bending glass allowed the butlers to keep an eye on the guests while keeping discreetly out of sight. And don’t you want to make it seem like your house deserves a butler?

Federal Bull's Eye Mirror

Although these mirrors have a more traditional vibe, you don’t need to have a Colonial style home to make this trend work. Federal Bull’s Eye Mirrors can help add depth and character to any space. We can just see this mirror in a bohemian living room or a farmhouse entryway or a bold bathroom. This accent is somehow both standout and versatile.

Federal Bull's Eye Mirrors

Federal Bull's Eye Mirrors

Federal Bull's Eye Mirrors

Let’s take a closer look at the details…

Any Federal Bull’s Eye Mirror will be covered in ornate details and carvings. The most prominent feature on most Federal Mirrors, the detail that really drives home the patriotic look, is the eagle perched on top with its wings spread.

Federal Mirror Eagle

This eagle can look different on any given mirror, making this detail really cool and unique to your space. Surrounding the eagle, ornate carvings bring the mirror to the next level and can be anything from leaves and vines to flowers and horns to random designs. This is just another way that your Federal Mirror find will be unique to your home.

Federal Bull's Eye Mirror

Finally, one last nugget of history to flash about your Federal Bull’s Eye Mirror: the carved balls around the mirror are meant to represent the 13 colonies. Not only will your friends be impressed with your style, they’ll also be impressed with your knowledge. We love decor that makes us look both stylish and smart…

Federal Bull's Eye Mirrors

Want more ways to incorporate vintage, historical pieces into your home? Look no further than this blog post about salvage finds.

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