Take us to Palm Beach! It’s time to thrift!

Have you heard of the Palm Beach Thrifter?

No?  You are missing out.  Seriously.

Palm Beach Thrifter

We’ve been following her for a couple years on instagram, and let us tell you…she’s amazing, and what’s even better is what she finds!  We are planning a winter getaway to thrift (maybe we’ll stumble upon the PBT herself!) and escape the cold and snow.

Who are the Palm Beach Thrifters?

First, it’s a family affair…and you know how much we love that!  There’s Ambie, Tommy (her boyfriend), Ambie Sr. (the Momma), Shelly (Ambie’s Sister), Juliet (Shelly’s daughter) and Sailor (loyal bird dog thrifter).

“After 25 years, Ambie closed her stores in Nantucket and Florida, and became a professional thrifter. With her keen business sense and trained eye, she scouts out the thrift shops for upscale furniture, designer clothing, and rare antiques to resell for profit. Ambie believes that thrifting is a win, win situation. You save money, give back, and have fun all at the same time!”

Needles to say, she’s a woman after our own hearts.  We have a passion for thrifted pieces, and one of a kind spaces that cannot be found just anywhere.  But look at some of her scores:

With a keen eye, and a knack for finding the most amazing items throughout the Palm Beach area, she raids the local:

-Habitat for Humanity


-Salvation Army

-Etc, etc, etc…in fact the list just goes on and on and on.

Some of her finds give Serena & Lily a run for their money!

Palm Beach Thrifter

She knows that leopard is an interior designer’s best friend:

Perhaps the best, in our opinions, is how much she loves and finds blue/white Chinoiserie and rattan throughout the Palm Beach area:

Ambie even did a vignette at her local Habitat for Humanity Restore using all found items from their building.  Look at how awesome it looks…as if straight from the pages of Serena & Lily, One Kings Lane, or Wisteria!

Palm Beach Thrifter

She even shares her reasons why we (or everyone) LOVES blue and white!

Blue and white…

  1. A true classic
  2. Compliments any decor
  3. A fun pop of color
  4. Never goes out of style
  5. Works on everything from Chinese export to striped beach cabanas!

Needless to say…we need to be best friends…and…

She gives us inspiration to keep going out there looking for something vintage at all of these great shops.  In fact, she is a woman, much like us, who enjoys the thrill of the hunt and loves incorporating true, authentic vintage pieces into her home.  That is one of our central tenets, and it is so fun to find another woman out there doing the same thing.

Planning our trip down there now…but if you need to get this look, check out this blog post and how we can help.  Or check out our services.

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