Impeccably Creative: Marian McEvoy

Impeccably Creative: Marian McEvoy

Meet Marian McEvoy.

She won’t let herself be called an artist. Artisan is a word she is more comfortable with. We’d be happy to call her whatever she wants. But it must be known, she is crazy creative. And we love her! Check out her black sharpie-d lampshade, does it look familiar? It should, we just did something like this ourselves to a pair of blah old shades that just need a hint of something to look special…and look here a very notably chic woman has done this herself. Goosebumps! She also took a sharpie to a white dining room table that needed something to make it stand out and it looks amazing. Cant wait to see what we will do next with our new best friend the Sharpie pen.

Impeccably Creative: Marian McEvoy

Marian McEvoy made her way onto the world stage as a fashion editor in chief of House Beautiful and Elle Decor. She spent her career in Paris and London writing for French Vogue.

Now, in her 70’s, its her hobby turned business that has endeared us to Marian McEvoy. Her one of a kind crafts, pressed botanicals, illustrated lampshades, and her acorn, pinecones, and wine cork decorated finials, boxes, and mirrors are selling out as fast as she can make them at KRB, a NYC boutique.

Collages made from “whatever leaves happen

to please me at the moment”

She is woman of the world, who could probably afford most anything, content even driven by an inner calling to make things herself. She is at home dressing up a piece of furniture with a Sharpie pen. A woman that likes to do it herself, with her own hands, even if it is just a touch here or there to make it her own.

Dare we say, we are filled with delight learning all we could about her.

We know you will enjoy her too!

Impeccably Creative: Marian McEvoy

All you need is a good Sharpie pen, a glue gun and maybe her book.

The possibilities are endless.

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