5 Things Friday: Female Style Icons over 60

Fashion is a trend, style is a way of life.

Ladies, have you caught yourself looking down your nose at someone and thinking, ” isn’t she a little old for that?”

That’s bullshit.

What has society done to our self esteem that we give each other an expiration date? Who made these rules that after a certain age we can’t wear something because of our age? Give us a break. Style doesn’t have an age.  And these style icons have been proving it every year of their 60+ years. These women prove that age is trivial.

Screw those dated ideals of aging “gracefully” or dress your age.

Here are some timelesss rules to live by;

  • Find a trademark accessory and hold on to it.
  • Maintain your flair for drama.
  • Don’t be afraid to take chances.
  • Cool is ageless.
  • If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Each one of these iconic women live by these “rules”…yet go ahead and make your own rules. Because if age teaches us anything, rules were meant to be broken.


  1. Iris Apfel.  96 years young, and eternally hip!

5 Things Friday: female style icons over 60


2. Linda Rodin: Former model, stylist, fashion editor, and now beauty entrepreneur, she is known for her silver hair, vibrant lipstick and audacious eye wear. At 66 years young, she is still being scouted by famous photographers and ad campaigns.

3. Lyn Slater: At 63, this professor-turned fashion blogger is an inspiration for women who have taken a stand against ageism. This grandmother wears what she wants and does it with more style than most 20-somethings. Her blog is as ageless as she is. Check it out Accidental Icon.

4. Models for J. Crew: Cool is ageless and timeless.  They always select the perfect style icons for their brand.


5. Now let’s shop to add some ageless cool accessories to your wardrobe…maybe you can be the next accidental icon.

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