The 72 Names of God and Their Meanings

The 72 Names of God and Their Meanings is a topic that holds great significance for individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment and understanding. These names, rooted in ancient teachings and mystical traditions, are believed to possess powerful energies that can assist in personal growth, healing, and transformation. In this article with Impeccable Nest, we will delve into the profound meanings behind the 72 names of God, explore their symbolism, and discuss how they can be utilized in one’s spiritual practice.

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72 Names of God

The concept of the 72 names of God originates from the Kabbalah, a mystical branch of Judaism. According to Kabbalistic teachings, these names are divine combinations of Hebrew letters derived from three verses in the book of Exodus. Each name consists of three letters and carries its own unique vibration and spiritual essence.

Meaning and Significance

The 72 names of God are not actual names of a singular deity but rather represent different aspects of the divine essence. They serve as conduits through which individuals can connect with the divine energy and access its wisdom and blessings. These names are said to hold immense power, offering guidance, protection, and spiritual elevation to those who invoke them with sincerity and reverence.

Symbolism in Numerology

In numerology, the number 72 holds significant symbolism. It is composed of the numbers 7 and 2, each carrying its own meaning. The number 7 represents completeness, perfection, and the union of the spiritual and physical realms. It signifies divine wisdom and the seven days of creation. The number 2 represents duality, balance, and harmony. Together, these numbers create a potent combination, reflecting the multidimensional nature of the 72 names of God.

72 Names of God and Their Meanings

Each of the 72 names of God holds a distinct meaning and purpose. Let us explore a few of these names and their corresponding interpretations:

1. Vehu – He Who Is

Vehu represents God’s eternal, all-encompassing presence. It reminds us that the Creator always was, is and will be.

2. Yah – I Am

Yah refers to God’s absolute being and essence of existence. God is the source of all creation.

3. Yahveh – Everlasting

Yahveh refers to God’s eternal nature, spanning all time and space. God lives forever beyond limitations.

4. El – Powerful

El highlights God’s unlimited strength, ability and authority over all things. God oversees everything.

5. Eloah – Strength

Eloah recognizes God as our source of power, courage and energy to overcome challenges. God empowers us.

6. Elohim – Justice

Elohim represents God’s divine judgment, fairness and balance. God brings order and correction.

7. Tzvaot – Lord of Hosts

Tzvaot depicts God directing the universe and all creatures. God commands everything.

8. Ehiyeh – I Am Becoming

Ehiyeh means “I Am Becoming,” showing God’s dynamic nature and relationship with creation.

9. Adonai – Lord

Adonai acknowledges God’s sovereignty and supremacy. God oversees all with love as our master.

10. Yhvh – Absolute Being

Yhvh reiterates God’s eternal, unchanging existence, transcending all limitation.

11. Elohim – Merciful

Elohim here represents God’s patience, love and compassion. God cares for all creation.

12. Eloha Vedaath – God of Knowledge

Eloha Vedaath recognizes God as all-knowing and the source of knowledge and understanding.

13. Elohim Gibor – Almighty

Elohim Gibor identifies God’s unlimited power, strength and ability to accomplish anything.

14. Adonai Melekh – Lord and King

Adonai Melekh shows that God rules over everything with ultimate authority as sovereign ruler.

15. Eh-he-yeh – I Will Be

Eh-he-yeh highlights that while God exists eternally, God also promises to be with us and act in the future.

16. Tzvaot – Who Marshals Armies

Tzvaot depicts God commanding the celestial bodies and all the Heavenly hosts. God directs the cosmos.

17. Yhvh Elohim Tzvaot – God of All Forces

Yhvh Elohim Tzvaot recognizes God as Lord over every power governing the universe, from angels to planets.

18. Elohim Tzvaot – God over All

Elohim Tzvaot reiterates that every force and source of power exists under God’s control.

19. Eloha She-Amar – God Speaking

Eloha She-Amar represents the Creator expressing will in words. God brings creation through expression.

20. Tzva Hakokhavim – Master of the Stars

Tzva Hakokhavim depicts God presiding over the celestial spheres. God orders the cosmos.

21. Shaddai – Almighty

Shaddai highlights God’s absolute power and complete ability over all things. God rules supremely.

22. Elohim Kedoshim – Holy God

Elohim Kedoshim recognizes God’s holiness, perfection and separation from all flaws or evil.

23. Ehiyeh shor Ehiyeh – Constantly Becoming

Ehiyeh shor Ehiyeh reinforces God’s ever-changing nature and eternal growth through all creation.

24. Adonai Tzidkenu – Lord of Righteousness

Adonai Tzidkenu depicts God correcting wrongs and establishing fairness for all. God redeems flaws.

25. Eloheinu – Our God

Eloheinu acknowledges God’s guidance, presence and relationship with people. God protects us.

26. Yhvh Echod – The One

Yhvh Echod proclaims God’s oneness. God unites everything in the universe as one.

27. Ana Adonai – Please God!

Ana Adonai expresses pleading with God for mercy. We appeal to God for compassion.

28. Melech – King

Melech highlights God as supreme monarch. God rules over humanity and nature.

29. Ha-El – The God

Ha-El reiterates that God is most high above all deities. No one compares to God.

30. Mi Chamocha – Who is like You?

Mi Chamocha acknowledges God’s incomparable nature. None can equate to God’s greatness.

31. Avon – Iniquity

Avon represents wickedness, wrongdoing and sin. God helps us overcome negativity.

32. Tzidkaynu – Our Righteousness

Tzidkaynu highlights God as guiding us to live virtuously. God shows the right path.

33. Tehilati – My Praise

Tehilati recognizes all glory and honors belong to God. We exalt God’s splendor.

34. Yahh – God

Yahh reiterates God’s divine being, the source of all existence. God is life essence.

35. Yhvh Tzidkenu – God of Righteousness

Yhvh Tzidkenu shows God steering humanity towards justice, virtue and morality.

36. El Shaddai – Almighty God

El Shaddai depicts God’s ultimate strength and power over all things. God rules mightily.

37. Tzidkaynu Yahh – Our Righteous God

Tzidkaynu Yahh recognizes God guiding us in upright ways. God shows the path of truth.

38. Nekamah – Vengeance

Nekamah represents God punishing evil. God rights all wrongs justly.

39. Yhvh Shalom – God of Peace

Yhvh Shalom shows God restoring order and harmony. God brings reconciliation.

40. Yhvh Eloheynu – Our Eternal Ruler

Yhvh Eloheynu proclaims God governs humanity and the world forever with supreme authority.

41. Elohim Echad – The One God

Elohim Echad reiterates God’s oneness and unity. Though multifaceted, God is one.

42. Ana Yhvh – Please God!

Ana Yhvh expresses heartfelt supplication and appeal to God for mercy and care.

43. Hagallal – The Praised

Hagallal recognizes God deserves all glory, honor and exaltation. God is glorious.

44. Yahh Yireh – God Sees and Provides

Yahh Yireh shows God is aware of all needs and supplies provisions. God gives abundance.

45. Shalom – Peace

Shalom represents harmony, wholeness and contentment. God restores divine order.

46. Yhvh Eloheka – Your Eternal Lord

Yhvh Eloheka reiterates that God rules humanity forever with complete authority.

47. Yhvh Tziveynu – God is our Provision

Yhvh Tziveynu highlights God supplying all our needs. God provides sustenance.

48. El Chaiy – Living God

El Chaiy depicts God’s vitality and eternal life essence. God animates all existence.

49. Adonai Chakmah – Lord of Wisdom

Adonai Chakmah recognizes God as the source of all wisdom and understanding. God enlightens.

50. La El – To God

La El shows all prayers and appeals ascending to God’s presence. We cry out to God.

51. Rofeh Cholim – God Heals the Sick

Rofeh Cholim highlights God’s power to heal and restore health. God cures illness.

52. El Rachum – Compassionate God

El Rachum represents God’s mercy, care and forgiveness. God shows unconditional love.

53. Chanun – Gracious

Chanun depicts God’s kindness, patience and generosity. God gives good things.

54. Ramah – Exalted

Ramah recognizes God’s highest glory and preeminence. God reigns supreme.

55. Eloheynu Yhvh – Our God

Eloheynu Yhvh proclaims God cares for humanity. God relates to people.

56. Elohay Khol Basar – God of All Flesh

Elohay Khol Basar shows God created all living beings. God cares for everyone.

57. El Chayim – Source of Life

El Chayim represents God as the origin and sustainer of existence. God animates life.

58. Elohay Yisrael – God of Israel

Elohay Yisrael highlights God’s covenant relationship with the Children of Israel.

59. Eloheka – Your God

Eloheka reiterates God’s personal connection and faithfulness to every individual.

60. Elohay Tehilati – God of My Praise

Elohay Tehilati recognizes God deserves all worship and adoration. We exalt God.

61. El Simchat Gili – God My Exceeding Joy

El Simchat Gili depicts God as our greatest source of happiness, pleasure and delight.

62. El Erekh Apayim – Slow to Anger

El Erekh Apayim represents God’s patience and long-suffering nature. God shows restraint.

63. Avinu Malkeynu – Our Father Our King

Avinu Malkeynu acknowledges God’s dual relationship as loving parent and sovereign ruler.

64. Roah Haolam – Spirit of the Universe

Roah Haolam represents God’s essence permeating all realms of existence. God fills all.

65. Ein Sof – Without End

Ein Sof reiterates God’s limitlessness and eternity beyond constraints. God transcends all.

66. Makom – The Place

Makom highlights God as the space in which the universe exists. Creation resides in God.

67. Magen Avraham – Shield of Abraham

Magen Avraham shows God protecting and guarding Abraham’s descendants. God secures Israel.

68. Melekh Haolam – Sovereign of the World

Melekh Haolam reinforces God presides as supreme ruler over all realms and creation.

69. Ehiyeh – I Am

Ehiyeh proclaims God’s absolute being and essence of existence. God animates all creation.

70. Oze Veyshud – Strength and Power

Oze Veyshud represents God’s might and ability to accomplish anything at will. God rules supreme.

71. Yhvh Shalom – God of Peace

Yhvh Shalom highlights God restoring harmony and reconciliation. God brings wholeness.

72. Shaddai El Chai – Almighty Living God

Shaddai El Chai culminates the names, showing God’s eternal, unlimited power and life essence.


The 72 names of God contain a wellspring of spiritual power and insight into the divine nature. They originated in kabbalistic teachings but their study is universal – these ancient names illuminate timeless truths about creation and our relationship with the Creator. Meditating upon them channels blessings, instills faith and awakens understanding. Their recitation connects us more deeply with God and with our divinity within. They are a gift and profound tool for anyone seeking closeness with the infinite spiritual Source of all that is. Their venerable energies patiently await those drawn to plumb their depths.

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