🦍 Gorilla Emoji Meaning and Usage Explained

If you have recently come across the gorilla emoji, 🦍, and are wondering what it means, then you have come to the right place. This article will explore the meaning of the gorilla emoji, its significance in different contexts, and what it could mean when sent from a girl or a guy. We will also delve into the slang use of the 🦍 emoji.

What Does the Gorilla Emoji Mean

🦍 Meaning

Literally, the gorilla emoji refers to the largest living primates that inhabit the forests of central Africa. Gorillas are ground-dwelling, predominantly herbivorous apes that live in groups called troops. They are highly intelligent animals known for their impressive size and strength.

Gorillas are also 98% genetically similar to humans, making them our closest cousins in the animal kingdom. Their resemblance to us can be seen in their expressive faces, opposable thumbs, and other humanoid features.

In emoji form, the gorilla symbolizes:

  • Strength, power, dominance
  • Animal instinct, aggression
  • Intelligence, reflection
  • Human-like attributes
  • Africa, the jungle

However, when used in texting, chat, messaging, and social media, the gorilla takes on additional meanings, mostly in sexual contexts.

🦍 Meaning in Flirting and Dating

The gorilla is commonly used between romantic partners and in dating scenarios with sexual implications. For example:

As a Compliment

The 🦍 emoji is an image of a gorilla, often depicted in a cartoon-like style. While it may seem like an odd choice for use in flirting or compliments, its meaning has evolved over time to convey a specific message.

When a guy sends the 🦍 emoji to a girl, it usually means that he finds her physically attractive due to her curvy, voluptuous figure. The gorilla’s muscular build and powerful presence are often associated with physical strength and attractiveness. This can be seen as a compliment towards the girl’s body shape and is meant to convey admiration or desire.

On the other hand, when a girl sends the 🦍 emoji to a guy, it is usually intended as a compliment towards his tall, muscular physique or masculine energy. The gorilla represents strength, dominance, and power, which are all qualities that are often associated with masculinity. By sending the 🦍 emoji, the girl is indicating that she finds these qualities attractive and desirable.

It is important to note that the use of this emoji in this context is not always appropriate or welcome. Some people may find it objectifying or offensive, especially if it is used without prior consent or in a disrespectful manner. As with any form of communication, it is crucial to be respectful of the other person’s feelings and boundaries.

In conclusion, the 🦍 emoji has taken on a specific meaning in certain contexts related to physical attraction and compliments. While it may seem unusual at first glance, its association with strength, dominance, and power make it a fitting choice for conveying admiration towards someone’s physical appearance or masculine qualities.

As Sexual Innuendo

The 🦍 emoji, which depicts a gorilla, often has sexual connotations in modern communication. The graphic can be used to make suggestive overtures or innuendos, particularly when referring to male genitalia. For example, an individual may say “I’ve got a 🦍 for you” or “My 🦍 is ready,” both of which suggest sexual advances.

In some cases, the use of the gorilla emoji can allude to rough, animalistic sex or dominant sexual roleplay dynamics. This interpretation pairs with the gorilla’s reputation as a primal and powerful creature. By using the emoji, individuals may express their desire for a more aggressive or dominant sexual experience.

For couples, the 🦍 emoji can be used flirtatiously to hint at sexual attraction and arousal. Sending the emoji can communicate a desire to engage in sexual activity without explicitly stating it. Its use can also build excitement and anticipation between partners, leading to a more intimate connection.

It is essential to note that while the 🦍 emoji has become associated with sexual connotations, it is not inherently vulgar or inappropriate. Like any other graphic, its meaning is dependent on the context in which it is used. Understanding the appropriate usage of emojis is crucial in preventing miscommunication or unintentional offense.

To Flirt playfully

One popular interpretation of this emoji is that it can be utilized in a playful, flirty way to tease a crush or partner and initiate a fun, lighthearted exchange.

When used in this manner, the 🦍 emoji serves as a euphemistic expression of romantic interest, allowing the sender to convey their feelings indirectly through humor and playfulness rather than overtly confessing their attraction. This can be particularly useful in situations where the sender may feel shy or uncertain about expressing their feelings directly.

The use of the 🦍 emoji can also add an element of mischief and fun to a conversation, making it more engaging and entertaining for both parties involved. Additionally, because the gorilla is often associated with strength and power, the use of this emoji can also convey a sense of confidence and assertiveness.

However, it is important to note that context is key when using the 🦍 emoji in this way. While it can be harmless and playful in some situations, its use could be seen as inappropriate or offensive in others. It is important to consider the relationship between the sender and recipient, the tone of the conversation, and any potential cultural or social implications before using this emoji in a flirtatious manner.

To Complain about Exes

The 🦍 emoji is a representation of a gorilla, which is one of the largest and most intimidating animals in the jungle. When people use this emoji, it usually implies that they are referring to someone or something that exhibits negative characteristics, such as lack of intelligence, uncouth behavior, and aggressiveness.

One common use of the 🦍 emoji is when people vent about their undesirable ex-partners. For instance, if someone had a toxic relationship with their ex-partner who exhibited negative behaviors, they might use this emoji to refer to them. They could say, “My ex was a total 🦍,” which would mean that their ex was aggressive, lacked intelligence, and had no manners or etiquette.

Another instance where the 🦍 emoji could be used is when describing someone who is behaving in an uncivilized way. For example, if you witnessed a person acting violently or behaving rudely in public, you could use the 🦍 emoji to describe their behavior. This would imply that the person was acting like a wild animal, showcasing no regard for civilized behavior.

🦍 Meaning From A Guy

He may be trying to show off his strength, virility and machismo

When a guy uses the term “gorilla” or “silverback” to describe himself or someone else, it could have a few different meanings. Firstly, he may be attempting to demonstrate his physical strength and dominance by comparing himself to the powerful alpha male gorilla. This is often an attempt to showcase masculinity, virility, and machismo, which can be attractive traits to some people.

Or make a sexual overture through innuendo and humor

Another meaning behind using this term could be as a sexual overture through innuendo and humor. Comparing oneself to a gorilla could imply a certain level of primal and animalistic behavior, which could be interpreted as sexually suggestive. In this context, it’s important to note that this type of language could easily cross boundaries and make others feel uncomfortable, so it’s essential to use caution when using such terms around others.

He could also be complimenting a woman’s curvy figure

Lastly, a guy might use the term “gorilla” or “silverback” to compliment a woman’s curvy figure. Although this may seem like a compliment on the surface, it’s essential to recognize that objectifying someone based on their physical characteristics can be harmful and offensive. It’s important to approach compliments with respect and consideration for the other person’s feelings and preferences.

In conclusion, using the terms “gorilla” or “silverback” can convey various meanings depending on the context and tone used. While it’s not inherently wrong to use these terms, it’s crucial to consider how they might be perceived by others and whether they align with our values of treating others with respect and dignity.

🦍 Meaning From A Girl

When a girl uses the term “gorilla” to describe someone, it can have various connotations depending on the context and tone of her statement. Here are some possible meanings behind this phrase:


In some cases, a girl might use the term “gorilla” to praise a man’s physical attributes and strength. The word gorilla is often associated with masculinity and power, so if a girl says something like “Wow, he’s such a gorilla!” she might be expressing her admiration for his muscular physique and energy. This could be a compliment that a woman gives to a man who is fit, strong, and active.


Another way a girl may use the term “gorilla” is as a playful and indirect way to tease a guy she likes romantically. For instance, if she says “Don’t be such a gorilla!” in response to something he did or said, it could be her way of gently poking fun at him while also showing interest in him. This is often used when flirting with someone.


On the other hand, a girl may use the term “gorilla” in a negative way to express disapproval or frustration. For example, if she says “My ex was a total gorilla,” it could imply that he was too aggressive or possessive in the relationship. Alternatively, if she says “I hate going to that club because it’s always full of gorillas,” she could be referring to men who act rowdy or disrespectful towards women. This use of the term usually implies annoyance or even anger towards the person being called a gorilla.

Examples of Using 🦍 in Conversation

  • Girl: Wow, nice muscles! 🦍πŸ’ͺ
  • Guy: Haha thanks! I try to go ape at the gym πŸ¦πŸ‹οΈ
  • Girl: My crazy ex was a total gorilla πŸ¦πŸ™„ No self-control.
  • Guy: Haha I’ll make sure to avoid going ape then πŸ˜‚
  • Girl: So, are you a silverback or a chest pounder? 🦍😜
  • Guy: I guess you’ll have to wait and see the king kong I’m workin’ with πŸ™ˆπŸ¦πŸ†
  • Girl: 😳🀣


The gorilla emoji 🦍 has dual meanings. Literally, it represents the impressive primate species from Africa. But in digital communication, it often symbolizes sexual prowess, physical strength, aggression, and masculinity – sometimes playfully, sometimes crassly. This flexible emoji can be used for flirting, teasing, complimenting, or complaining about exes when considering tone and context. Just be mindful of who you are messaging to avoid misinterpretation of the symbolic king kong!

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