Understanding the πŸ’ž Meaning: From a Girl, Guy, and Boy’s Perspective

πŸ’ž is not just another symbol or emoji used in text messages or social media posts. It carries a deeper meaning that varies depending on the person using it and the context of its usage. In this article with Impeccable Nest, we will delve into the πŸ’ž meaning from different perspectives- from a girl, guy, and boy. We’ll also explore how to use πŸ’ž meaning, give examples, and provide advice for those who want to express their feelings using this symbol.

Understanding Revolving Hearts Emoji Meaning

πŸ’ž Meaning: What Is It?

πŸ’ž is a pink heart with yellow stars around it. It’s commonly used to represent love, romance, affection, friendship, and happiness. It’s frequently used to represent strong feelings of care, adoration and infatuation. Some common meanings include:

  • Affection, fondness, love
  • Romantic interest, crush, infatuation
  • Appreciation, gratitude, thanks
  • Close friendship, best friends
  • Happiness, joy, excitement

The two hearts symbolize the connection and bond between two people. The asymmetry and overlap give a sense of closeness and inseparability. As such, it’s commonly used by couples, close friends, and family members to represent their cherished relationship. However, it can also convey platonic affection and solidarity.

πŸ’ž Meaning from a Girl: Expressing Love and Affection

One such emoji that holds immense significance for many girls is the πŸ’ž emoji, which represents love, affection, and endearment towards someone special.

When a girl sends the πŸ’ž emoji, it is typically a gesture of goodwill and affection towards the recipient. The emoji consists of two pink hearts, one larger than the other, nestled together side by side. This conveys a sense of closeness and intimacy, indicating that the sender feels a deep connection with the person they’re sending it to. It’s important to note that the use of this emoji can vary depending on the relationship between the sender and the recipient.

For example, if a girl sends the πŸ’ž emoji to her romantic partner, it could signify a range of emotions, from expressing her love and devotion to simply letting them know she’s thinking about them. In this context, the emoji serves as a cute and playful way to flirt or show affection, adding a touch of sweetness to their conversation. For some couples, the πŸ’ž emoji may even become a sort of inside joke or signature symbol that represents their bond and mutual affection.

On the other hand, if a girl sends the πŸ’ž emoji to a family member or close friend, it may represent a more platonic type of love and affection. In this case, the emoji symbolizes that the sender values the relationship they have with the recipient and wants to express their fondness and appreciation for them. It’s often used as a way of saying “I love you” without using those exact words, making it a more casual and friendly expression of affection.

The πŸ’ž emoji holds significant meaning for many girls, representing love, affection, and endearment towards someone special. Whether it’s used to express romantic feelings or platonic love, the emoji serves as a powerful symbol of connection and intimacy between two people. When a girl sends this emoji, she’s letting the recipient know that they hold a special place in her heart and that their relationship is important to her.

Here are some scenarios where a girl might send the πŸ’ž emoji:

  • Texting her boyfriend to say “I love you” or “I miss you”
  • Flirting with someone she’s interested in
  • Responding affectionately to a loving message or gift
  • Emphasizing how much she cares about a close friend
  • Expressing excitement about an upcoming date or event with someone special

So if a girl sends you the two hearts emoji, it likely means she feels a strong bond with you and cares for you deeply, whether in a romantic or platonic context. It’s a positive sign that conveys her warm feelings and attachment towards you.

πŸ’ž Meaning from a Guy:Β Expressing Emotions and Feelings

The use of emojis has become a prevalent form of communication in recent times, especially in the digital age where people spend most of their time on their smartphones. Emojis allow individuals to express their emotions and convey messages in a more creative and playful way. Among all the plethora of emojis available, the πŸ’ž symbol holds a special meaning when sent by a guy.

Although guys are known to use emojis less frequently than girls, the πŸ’ž symbol signifies a lot when used by them. It is an indication that the guy feels a deep connection with the receiver and is comfortable expressing his emotions. The emoji can be used in various scenarios such as expressing love for his girlfriend or wife, flirting with a crush, showing care and appreciation for close male and female friends, displaying enthusiasm for romantic occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, and responding warmly to affectionate messages or gestures from loved ones.

Expressing love for his girlfriend or wife

The first scenario where a guy might use the two hearts emoji is to express his love for his girlfriend or wife. The emoji is a clear signal of the love and affection that the guy has for his significant other. It signifies that he cherishes the relationship and values the emotions they share. When a guy sends this emoji to his partner, it means that he is willing to open up and express his feelings, which is essential for any healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Flirting with a crush or love interest

Another scenario where a guy might use the πŸ’ž emoji is when he is flirting with a crush or love interest. The two hearts signify the romantic interest that the guy has in the receiver. It shows that he is interested in pursuing a deeper relationship and is willing to take things to the next level. This emoji can be used as a subtle yet effective way of conveying his feelings without being too direct or overwhelming.

Showing care and appreciation for close male and female friends alike

Apart from romantic relationships, a guy may also use the πŸ’ž emoji to show care and appreciation for close male and female friends. It demonstrates that he values the friendship and appreciates the support and companionship that they provide. It is a way of expressing gratitude and acknowledging the importance of the friendship.

Displaying enthusiasm for romantic occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day

Additionally, a guy may use the πŸ’ž emoji to display enthusiasm for romantic occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Such occasions hold significance in any romantic relationship, and the emoji signifies the excitement and joy that the guy feels on these special days. It shows that he takes the relationship seriously and is committed to making it work.

Responding warmly to affectionate messages or gestures from loved ones

Finally, when a guy responds warmly to affectionate messages or gestures from loved ones, he may use the πŸ’ž emoji to convey his feelings. The emoji shows that he appreciates the love and care shown towards him and is willing to reciprocate those emotions.

In conclusion, the πŸ’ž emoji holds considerable significance when used by a guy. It demonstrates that the guy feels a special connection with the receiver and is comfortable expressing his emotions. Whether flirty, friendly or familial, the emoji signifies the value that the guy places on the relationship. Therefore, if a guy sends you πŸ’ž, it is a clear indication that he cherishes your relationship and values you as an individual.

πŸ’ž Meaning from a Boy: Showing Innocence and Playfulness

When used by a young boy, the two hearts emoji usually conveys innocent sentiments of friendship, fun and affection. Some possible meanings include:

  1. Telling his mom “I love you”: When a boy tells his mom “I love you,” it is usually a sign of deep affection and appreciation for his mother. This expression can be verbal or even written in a letter or card. The πŸ’ž emoji can be used to convey this emotion and amplify the message. The heart emoji is often used to show love, care, and affection towards loved ones, especially family members.
  1. Signing off a letter or card to a friend: When a boy signs off a letter or card to a friend, he may use the πŸ’ž emoji to show his appreciation and affection for their friendship. The heart emoji in this context represents the warmth and kindness that the boy feels towards his friend. It could also indicate that the boy values the friendship and considers his friend as an important person in his life.
  1. Showing excitement for enjoyable group activities and events: A boy may use the πŸ’ž emoji to express his excitement and happiness about group activities and events. This emoji signifies the joy and pleasure that the boy feels when spending time with friends or loved ones. Additionally, the heart emoji can be used to indicate that the boy cares about the people in the group and enjoys their company.
  1. Expressing that someone is his best friend: When a boy declares someone as his best friend, it means that he trusts, respects, and deeply cares for that individual. The πŸ’ž emoji can be used to emphasize the importance of the relationship. This emoji suggests that the boy values the friendship and cherishes the moments spent together.
  1. A platonic gesture of appreciation or admiration: A boy might use the πŸ’ž emoji as a platonic gesture of appreciation or admiration. This could be towards a friend, family member, or even a celebrity. The heart emoji in this context represents the admiration and respect that the boy has for the individual.

The πŸ’ž symbol allows boys to articulate their positive feelings and show who holds importance in their lives. It demonstrates thoughtfulness and care without the romantic overtones sometimes associated with this emoji. The two hearts perfectly capture the sweetness and sincerity of a boy’s relationships.

Examples of Using πŸ’ž Meaning

  • Amy texted Zack πŸ’žπŸ₯° after their first date, hinting she was really into him.
  • Mark sent Lisa πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž to emphasize how much he cherishes their lifelong friendship.
  • Jacob commented πŸ’žπŸ’•β€οΈ under Sara’s new profile picture to flirt and acknowledge his crush on her.
  • Instead of just writing “Thanks!”, Samuel sent πŸ™πŸ’ž to show gratitude along with warmth to Hannah for her help.
  • Amy responded with πŸ«‚πŸ₯ΉπŸ’ž when her 6-year-old son made her a loving homemade card.
  • “I can’t stop thinking about you. πŸ’ž”
  • “Thanks for being my best friend. You’re the greatest. πŸ’ž”
  • “Happy anniversary, my love. Here’s to many more years together. πŸ’ž”
  • “I’m sorry for what I said earlier. I didn’t mean to hurt you. πŸ’ž”
  • “Look at this cute puppy I saw on my way to work today. πŸ’ž”

Comparisons: πŸ’ž Meaning vs. ❀️ Meaning

Some people may confuse the πŸ’ž symbol with the ❀️ symbol, which also represents love and affection. However, there are some key differences between the two.

The πŸ’ž symbol is often used to represent romantic or platonic love that’s playful, innocent, and affectionate. Meanwhile, the ❀️ symbol is more commonly associated with passionate, intense, and deep love. The ❀️ symbol is also more likely to be used in serious contexts, such as a marriage proposal or a declaration of eternal love.

In short, if you want to express your love in a lighthearted and playful way, use πŸ’ž. If you want to convey a deeper, more intense love, use ❀️.

Opinions and Advice

In my opinion, the two hearts emoji is a versatile way to express many positive emotions we may sometimes struggle to put into words. While it originated to denote romantic love, its broad use today demonstrates how we can find deep affection and connection in all kinds of relationships.

I think this emoji allows us to articulate tender feelings we may otherwise have difficulty voicing or conveying through text. Given how emojis permeate modern communication, being able to properly interpret an emoji like πŸ’ž is important to understanding the full intent behind messages from friends, family, lovers and more.

My advice is not to jump to conclusions if someone sends you the two hearts symbol. Instead, read the context and your existing relationship to gauge their specific meaning and intentions. With thoughtfulness and care, this iconic emoji can eloquently strengthen your most cherished bonds.

Relevant Data and Statistics

  • According to Emojipedia, πŸ’ž Two Hearts is the 31st most popular emoji on Twitter. It accounts for approximately 0.25% of all emoji use on Twitter.
  • In a SwiftKey study, Two Hearts was found to be the 7th most used emoji globally. It comprised 1.8% of all emoji usage analyzed in the study.
  • Two Hearts ranked 13th on the list of top emojis shared on Facebook in 2021, according to Facebook’s data.
  • On Emojitracker, which measures real-time emoji use on Twitter, πŸ’ž accounted for 0.256% of all emojis used. This placed it at
  • In a survey by Perspectus Global, 20% of millennials said they’re more likely to respond positively to messages containing heart emojis like πŸ’ž.


What does πŸ’ž mean in texting?

In texting, πŸ’ž generally means love, affection, and fondness towards someone. It’s often used to express romantic feelings or gratitude towards a friend or family member.

Can I use πŸ’ž to express friendship?

Yes, many people use πŸ’ž to express their friendship and platonic love towards someone. It’s a cute and playful way to let someone know they hold a special place in your heart.

Is πŸ’ž gender-specific?

No, πŸ’ž is not gender-specific and can be used by anyone regardless of their gender identity.

How do I respond to someone who sends me πŸ’ž?

The best way to respond to someone who sends you πŸ’ž depends on the context and relationship you have with them. If you feel the same way, you can reciprocate their feelings with a similar emoji or a heartfelt message. If you don’t feel the same way, it’s important to be honest and communicate your feelings respectfully.

Is πŸ’ž more appropriate for certain occasions?

Yes, πŸ’ž is often more appropriate for lighthearted and playful occasions, such as expressing love towards a romantic partner or appreciating a close friend. For more serious occasions, such as a marriage proposal or a declaration of eternal love, the ❀️ symbol may be more suitable.


In conclusion, πŸ’ž is a powerful symbol of love, affection, and happiness that can be used to express your emotions in a playful and innocent way. However, it’s important to use it appropriately and understand its limitations. Whether you’re a girl, guy, or boy, πŸ’ž can help you convey your feelings towards someone special and make them feel loved and appreciated. So go ahead and use πŸ’ž meaningfully and have fun with it!


I am Lois Mullins, an enthusiast in emoji deciphering. Over the recent years, I have continuously updated and delved deep into the knowledge of emoji decryption.

I take pride in my extensive knowledge of decoding emojis, particularly in the Emoji Meanings ofΒ Impeccable NestΒ . I believe that a profound understanding of decoding these symbols can be beneficial for individuals in comprehending the nuances of language when someone sends them an emoji.

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