The Myth of Bird Poop Good Luck: Separating Fact from Fiction

Are you someone who has ever experienced a bird dropping on your car, clothes, or even your head and immediately thought of it as good luck? Or have you heard this notion being discussed among people around you? Well, the concept of bird poop being good luck is quite popular, especially in many cultures and traditions. But, is bird poop really good luck? In this article with Impeccable Nest, we will delve deeper into this subject and analyze whether there’s any truth to this belief.

Is it good luck when a bird poops on you?

The Origins and Symbolism of Bird Poop Good Luck

The superstition that bird poop brings good luck has been around for centuries. Some of the earliest references date back to Ancient Rome, where it was thought that if a bird defecated on you, it was a sign from the gods that wealth and success were on their way.

In Russian folklore, there is a similar belief that if a bird defecates on your head, it is a sign that money is coming your way. There is even a Russian saying that translates to “bird poop brings crumbs.”

Across many cultures, bird droppings symbolize good fortune and abundance due to their white color. The white shade is seen as representing purity, prosperity, and new beginnings. Just as snowflakes accumulate into mounds of white snow during winter, bird poop was thought to signify riches piling up.

Some other symbolic meanings tied to bird poop and luck include:

  • Fertility – Droppings can represent the possibility of new life and fertility.
  • Surprise – You don’t expect to get pooped on, so it’s a surprise when it happens, just like unexpected luck.
  • Targeted – Bird poop seems precisely targeted on a specific person or place, like how luck can find its way to you.
  • From above – Birds fly high above, so their droppings feel heaven-sent, like blessings from a divine source.

Cultural Examples of the Bird Poop Superstition

The superstitious link between bird droppings bringing luck pops up frequently in cultures worldwide:

  • In Germany, a common saying is “Vogelscheisse brings Gl├╝ck” meaning bird poop brings luck.
  • Chinese tradition considers it lucky if bird droppings land on a person, house, or object.
  • Some regions of France believe if a bird defecates on your head, you’ll come into money soon.
  • In Serbia, poultry droppings indicating luck are sometimes part of wedding customs.
  • Irish folklore says bird poop brings financial rewards but specifically mentions the poop must come from a wren.
  • Italians consider pigeon droppings on your head, face or shoulders extremely fortuitous.

Is There Any Truth to This Belief?

Most evidence points to this superstition being simply a long-held myth without factual basis. However, some symbolic connections and potential rationales emerge:

  • Optimistic outlook – Believing bird poop is lucky imparts a positive, optimistic perspective. This upbeat view can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if it motivates you toward success.
  • Rarity – Bird droppings landing on you is uncommon, making it noteworthy when it happens. Infrequency fuels superstitions, and rare occurrences feel like they must hold significance.
  • Natural fertilizer – Bird poop contains ammonia and nutrients that enrich soil. People may have extrapolated this fertilizing quality as also fertilizing human lives with prosperity.
  • Whitewash – The white color of most bird droppings evokes purity and cleansing. This can create symbolic mental links to wiping clean any previous bad luck.

Overall though, no definitive scientific evidence proves bird poop actually causes increased fortune. The belief likely arises from the symbolic meanings people subjectively assign to the unusual event of being pooped on by a bird overhead. Still, if it provides an optimistic outlook, this superstition can be fun and helpful.

Examples of People Who Had Good Luck After Bird Poop

Though scientifically unfounded, personal anecdotes of people receiving luck after bird droppings abound:

Politician Has Surprise Election Win

In 2015, a Canadian politician was out door knocking for upcoming elections when a crow pooped on his head. He took it as an auspicious omen. Shortly after, he won his riding seat in a surprise upset against the incumbent.

Writer Lands Big Book Deal

Aspiring author Molly Knight was walking around Brooklyn when bird droppings suddenly fell on her favorite sweater. Initially annoyed, she shifted her perspective to view it as a sign of good things to come. Within months, she signed a lucrative book deal with Simon & Schuster.

Actress Books Coveted Movie Role

In a live TV interview, actress Rachel McAdams was discussing her career goals when bird poop abruptly dropped onto her shoulder. She laughed it off as a bit of luck in disguise. Weeks later, she won the highly coveted lead role she had been wanting in an upcoming film.

Job Seeker Gets Dream Job Offer

Mark Young was dressed in a suit on his way to a job interview when a passing bird left a sizable dropping on his shoulder. He decided to leave it there for the interview, hoping it would bring good vibes. By the end of the interview, he was offered the position with a great salary.

So while not definitively proven, many still find personal significance in bird droppings landing on them before experiencing good luck.

Making the Most of the Bird Poop Superstition

If you get pooped on by a bird and want to make the most of possible fortune coming your way, here are some tips:

  • Adopt an optimistic outlook – View it as a fun, lucky omen to cultivate a positive mindset. This sunny perspective can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Clean up – While keeping an upbeat attitude, still tidy up to avoid smelling like bird droppings all day. Good hygiene assists any luck.
  • Tell others – Share the funny, unique story with loved ones. This expands the feeling of levity and good vibes.
  • Be proactive – Pursue opportunities aligned with your goals. Any potential luck needs action to manifest.
  • Stay patient – Allow time for the purported good fortune to unfold. Don’t expect instant results.
  • Remain persistent – Keep striving for aspirations. Luck favors those who put in consistent work.

With the right mindset, cleaning up, sharing the story, and continuing to work hard, any associated luck can have optimal chances of coming to fruition.


In summary, the superstition that bird droppings bring good fortune remains a fun folk belief with symbolic ties across cultures. No irrefutable scientific evidence proves increased luck objectively results from bird poop landing on someone. However, adopting an optimistic perspective, cleaning up the mess, seeing it as a humorous surprise, and continuing to pursue goals can subjectively help any associated luck feel true for someone. While relying solely on superstition is unwise, finding meaning in a bird poop landing can nurture a hopeful outlook on life when handled positively. If nothing else, it makes for an amusing story! So next time a bird overhead targets you with its droppings, try to laugh it off – who knows what fortune it may bring!

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