5 Things Friday: being home with the flu sucks

The flu sucks.

It has taken a nasty grip of this household and won’t let us go. Three kids with snotty noses, raspy cough that won’t let them sleep and crabby dispositions that even Elsa and Anna can’t tame. That doesn’t even begin to talk about the adults of the house. It has been a house of horrors. We need these 5 things probably more than all of you. But in the words of Maui from Moana (yes, we are quoting Disney movies) “you’re welcome!”

Let’s get to our list so we can lay back down, before our head explodes. Did we say, the flu sucks?


  1. Not sure if it’s because we’ve just been in sweats for days but we are totally digging fancy pjs.

Silk ones with a floral or tropical theme. And we don’t want to just wear these to bed. Oh no, we mean to wear these out on the town by dressing them up with jewelry and cute shoes. Some favorite places to find these darlings are JCrew, H&M and Sleepy Jones. Fantastic and comfortable. Two of our favorite words.


2. The rumored anti-flu remedy…

First, our disclosure, we aren’t saying we don’t use the old standbys like Tylenol or Motrin, or the flu shot, or for that matter good old physician advice. Yes, all of those are required for the cold and flu season and general good health. But this elixir is thought to “maybe” help boost the immune system to therefore “maybe” help prevent colds + flu. Check with your physician especially if you have any underlying health issues, they should always know what you are taking but we are on our second bout of illness this year and we are ready to pull our hair out, so we are trying this and believing in this. The mind is powerful. It doesn’t matter to us at all if it is just placebo effect. Feeling better is feeling better.

And besides it tastes so good we might just drizzle it on our chicken and waffle brunch. Don’t judge.

5 Things Friday: home with the flu, shop so we won't drop

3. Don’t even ask us why we are totally on an Alexander Calder thing right now, but we are.

Never would we have imagined digging his use of primary colors but we dig them. We love the color, the shapes, the balance, the boldness. Artsy.net is not only a great site for works by Calder but just good art.

4. We like black.

No wait. Like is much too mild. We LOVE black. It was just a matter of time before we would find a suitable replacement for the stainless steel applianced kitchen. Of course, wouldn’t you know it, it is matte black. Design hubby is sick with worry that we will want to rip out our brand new kitchen to put these black beauties in. Don’t be silly. That’s what second homes are for. Clients beware, black appliances are on the menu. Who is ready to dine in?

5 Things Friday: being home with the flu sucks

5. Ok, we’ve given this appliance it’s own line item.

There are no words spoken like “but first, coffee” that come even close to how much we need this each day. Nothing, not even the flu sucks gets between us and our morning cup of coffee. Simply put, nothing happens before we have a cup of coffee. And although we love all of the cool, trendy coffee houses, we simply can’t wait that long to get to a cup. Even if it’s your coffee before you go get coffee, we don’t know how anyone survives without a coffee maker in their home.
Nespresso is our current maker of choice. Look at it. It just screams “I make good coffee!”

De’Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro Machine

5 Things Friday: being home with the flu sucks

Stay well out there. Cuz, the flu sucks!


Now, pass us the elderberry syrup with a side of hotcakes, we are so ready for the weekend.










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