It's not fun to live in a home that doesn't look like you live there!


You asked...We listened.

Join us for a series of action packed workshops and shopping trips where we break down Our Best Design Advice filled with our favorite finds, what we buy, lite bites and cocktails!

Join Kimberly + Emma for an intimate conversation where we break down the elements and principles of design for you: the design enthusiast, DIY-er or home owner. We will break down why you need to have antiques and vintage finds mixed with sleek modern edges, the importance of art and the power of scale, color and pattern.  These workshops are designed to share our knowledge on how to create comfortable and beautiful rooms that you want to live in.

Be inspired by our relaxed approach to decorating and take home a wealth of knowledge that will include practical advice on on laying out rooms and putting together lighting plans. We will also cover the fun stuff like mixing fabrics and buying accessories and more importantly where we get it all from.

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Because we really love you, we are also including an exclusive "That's impeccable!" tote filled with some of our favorite things!

If it doesn't scare you, it's probably not worth it

March 8 4-7pm. $197

That's right.  We are talking about all the power pieces for your home: Wallpaper.  Lighting.  Artwork.  Basically, encouraging and empowering you on how to make a statement.

  • Oh yeah baby...we will share some sources and hot tips.
  • Get that fabulous art gallery wall!
  • Trend vs. Timeless.  Love it?  Or...leave it?
  • Everyone wants to know the secret for mixing fabric patterns in a room for  that lovely layered look.  Think you know the secret ingredients?  Think again.

    We will break it all down, and tell you the:

    • Mistakes you need to STOP making, and how to correct them.  
    • No fail paint colors, which includes: How to make beige sensational! AND the best white paint colors and what people don't realize.

Shop 'til YOU Drop at Home Goods + Home Sense

February 13, 2020 10-1pm. $297

Does Home Goods and Home Sense overwhelm you?  Do you wander the aisles afraid of buying the wrong thing?  OR do you just buy up everything?  Either way, you want some help...sometimes you need more than just a girlfriend!  That's where we come in.

We will break it down, and show you how we shop...and what you should buy:

  • Bring photos of your home!  Let's get those accessories selected! 
  • Need new lighting?  Let's buy some lamps!
  • Overwhelmed with the rugs?  Don't worry, we can help you!

This is YOUR time to shop with the Impeccable Nest team, AND we will answer whatever questions you have about your home while we shop!

Every home should have AT LEAST one piece from a flea market

February 18, 202 10-2pm. $297

Let's take this show on the road.  Literally.

People have been begging us to take them to our favorite local haunts.  We will start this trip at one of the best kept secrets in this area, find some great pieces, and discuss the power of antiques/vintage.

You won't want to miss this workshop!  Bring photos of spaces in your home that you need help with...we want to get to work.  Nothing is better than shopping with a project in mind!  Plus we will tell you:

  • Decorating on a shoestring, what we do and WHERE we go.
  • How to achieve that layered look.
  • Cost saving, home decor tricks...and when to splurge.

Attend Them All!

All 3 Workshops. $597

Because we know you REALLY LOVE us.  Scoop up all three dates for this AMAZING low price!

Please note that workshops are non-refundable.