Full Service Interior Design

Full Service Interior Design is the service that caters to working professionals, business owners, busy families, active empty-nesters and retirees. People who place a high value on their own time and are willing to place their confidence in the expertise of the Impeccable Nest team (Emma + Kimberly). One of Emma + Kimberly’s greatest strengths is our unique ability to see a room’s potential and present that vision to you and bring it to life.   Our goal is to design homes that our clients are proud of.  A place where YOU can relax and spend time with your family and comfortably entertain your friends. 

Our Full Service Design enables Emma + Kimberly to manage projects from initial concept through to completion, designing your home down to the final detail. Full-service clients have a crystal-clear picture of their design trajectory. You know that your residence will reflect a true expression of your lifestyle: inspiring, unique, and most importantly, welcoming.  Emma + Kimberly will handle every detail, freeing your time to enjoy the other priorities in your life.  

It’s time to create your ideal home: a place suited for the now, with room to grow for the future.  Here’s what we do:

  • Design Work Session
  • Development and Planning 
  • Sourcing 
  • Presentation of Design Concept & Selections
  • Scheduling & Ordering
  • Delivery & Installation 

Please note: ALL Full Service projects begin with a 90-minute Design Consult.  Limited clients per year / $150,000 minimum furniture and finishes budget (does not include design fee)

How it Works

Our full service design projects include presentations, meetings, project management, etc. We’re there every step of the way to make sure every design detail is handled with care, because every decision made impacts another. We’re here to handle the process and take the tedium and burden off you so you can handle YOUR life and YOUR priorities. We prefer clients who are design savvy but understand that we’re there to handle the creative part of the project and not just implement their design.  Also please note: Our minimum project design fee is $5000.  It helps us greatly if you have established a budget for your project or know how much you have to spend. 

Full Service projects involve the following phases: 


Determine needs, desires, and budget for project and verify site conditions with measurements, plans, and/or photographs.


Conceptual design of space, to include general color schemes, samples, pictures, and drawings to suggest design ideas.


Fine-tuning of approved schematic design so that it becomes fixed.  Drawings, floor plans, elevations, and details as necessary are provided. Shopping and showroom visits are done in this phase if necessary. Lighting design and selection of all furnishings, fixtures, and finishes are completed. Budgets are approved.  Preparation of drawings, specifications, and other documents to have the project constructed. Proposals for furniture, window treatments, custom pieces, or any other type of furnishings will be completed.


Site visits are made to verify project quality and progress. Furnishings are delivered and installed.


What people really want to know…

“What do you charge?”  AND “How do you work?”

So here is a basic guide for Full Service projects.


We work primarily on an hourly basis. Our rate is $200 per hour. We charge $75 per hour for drive time, when going to a project outside of Southern New Hampshire or when driving to showrooms in Boston.

We charge for our assistants’ time when they are working on CAD drawings, sourcing products, or visiting a job site or showroom for us for your project.  We do not charge for their time when they accompany us to job sites or meetings….so you don’t get billed for both of us in that instance. Their time is billed out at $50 per hour, drive time included.

We bill either once or twice a month, this will be stated in your Agreement.

Alternatively, we can propose flat fees where we feel like they are appropriate. After our initial meeting, we determine the way to bill for your project and that is detailed in your Agreement.


We begin with your email request about your project (design@impeccablenestdesign.com). We will answer back with questions about our project. After we receive your response, we will book our first get-to-know-you meeting. This appointment has a cost of $250 for an approximate 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour visit, payable prior to the meeting with a credit card, or at the meeting with a check.


After our initial meeting and we all feel like we’re a good fit for each other, we write up a Letter of Agreement, where we describe the services you are requesting and detail the payments required, etc. After you sign that, via Hello Sign, for a digital signature or in person, we can get started.

We can give you a ballpark range for the design fee for your project if we proceed on an hourly basis, after we have determined your project scope, before we submit your Agreement. That estimate is based on our experience with past projects. However, the big variable here is you and your unique circumstances. Since we are just getting to know each other at this point, please realize that decision making, trust, the need to see many options, etc., all affect the length of the design portion of a job, thereby affecting the fee. While we go to great lengths to get you comfortable with your design and to provide you with options if needed, time spent on continuous revisions and re-selections has to be billed.

Flat fees are detailed with parameters as noted in the Agreement.

Minimum project design fee is $5000, no matter how small the job.

After a construction project is started, site visits are always done additionally by the hour with a minimum of $100 per visit. Once a week is usually typical to help us keep tabs on things with a good contractor managing your job. We strongly encourage our clients to keep us involved this way, as that’s the best way to ensure the integrity of the design is achieved. Site visits are defined as unscheduled visits done at our convenience, to check on the job. These are not onsite meetings. Onsite meetings are done at the regular hourly rate.

It’s very difficult to put flat fees on projects since all of them are so unique and different. That’s why many designers charge hourly.

Design fees generally include:

  • Programming – verifying site and project parameters in detail
  • Schematic Design Presentation
  • Two or three additional meetings or shopping as required for the project
  • Documentation of the design with drawings, general notes, and specifications
  • Digital storyboards are included depending on the project.



If you have a tight deadline or a drop dead date or you need us to jump on your project right now, an additional fee is assessed.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option for design services, please check out our Designer for a Day option or Hello Pretty Room! eDesign services.


We prefer e-mail to phone calls, because we’re often out driving, on job sites, or in meetings. You’ll get our cell # when you sign your contract.

We’re pretty much available anytime, but again, if it’s after hours or the weekend, contact us via e-mail.  We prefer to use texting only if it’s urgent, as it is not a good way to reference and keep record of our interactions and messages. Please note that all correspondence, including texting and email, is billed if project is done on an hourly basis.

We hope this takes some of the fear of the unknown out of working with a designer. It’s here for your information so that you can be better informed when we start.


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