Impeccable FIXER+UPPER: Woodbury Flip!

We did it.  We flipped a house!

Why flip?

Well, this was the first time we did not have a client, and allowed the home to totally dictate the direction of the design. From the outside, the house had a great look and feel: wood siding, beautifully large front window, and a Mid Century Modern feel. Great bones, and a great layout played a key role in letting the space stand out by itself.

How did we do it?

We saw potential in this house as soon as we saw it on the market.  Who said that small niches couldn’t be chic? How about this super charming bar we created out of a small closet in this mid century marvel? It’s the perfect spot for entertaining.

High gloss white surfaces lend themselves to the perfect a palate for a mid century home

Impeccable FIXER+UPPER: Woodbury Flip!

Modern. Crisp. Stark.

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