Velociraptor Name Meaning What Does It Mean?

Velociraptors are one of the most iconic dinosaurs, known for their sharp teeth, deadly claws, and impressive speed. However, while many people are familiar with this dinosaur’s appearance, not everyone knows the meaning behind their name. In this article, we’ll explore the story behind the name “velociraptor” and what it can tell us about these fascinating prehistoric creatures.

What is a Velociraptor?

Before we dive into the meaning behind the name “velociraptor,” let’s first define what a velociraptor is. Velociraptors were small, feathered theropod dinosaurs that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, around 75 to 71 million years ago. They were bipedal, meaning they walked on two legs, and were roughly the size of a turkey or large chicken.

Despite their small size, velociraptors were fierce predators that likely hunted in packs. They had sharp teeth and long, curved claws on their hind feet, which they used to grasp and hold onto their prey. Additionally, recent discoveries have shown that velociraptors were covered in feathers, making them even more bird-like than previously thought.

Now that we know what a velociraptor is, let’s explore the meaning behind their name.

The Meaning of “Velociraptor”

The name “velociraptor” comes from the Latin words “velox” and “raptor,” which mean “swift thief” or “quick plunderer.” This name is particularly fitting for this dinosaur, given their speed and hunting prowess. Velociraptors were known for their agility and quick movements, which allowed them to chase down and capture their prey with ease.

It’s important to note that the name “velociraptor” is actually somewhat misleading. The first velociraptor fossil was discovered in the Gobi Desert by a team of paleontologists led by American scientist Henry Fairfield Osborn in 1923. However, the fossil that Osborn found was actually from a slightly larger dinosaur that he named Deinonychus. It wasn’t until later that scientists realized that the smaller, feathered dinosaur that they had been calling Deinonychus was actually a new species of dinosaur, which they renamed Velociraptor.

Other Interesting Facts About Velociraptors

Now that we understand the meaning behind the name “velociraptor,” let’s explore some other interesting facts about these fascinating creatures.

  • Velociraptors likely had feathers: As mentioned earlier, recent discoveries have shown that velociraptors were covered in feathers, much like modern birds. While we can’t say for certain what their feathers looked like, it’s believed that they may have had long, colorful feathers on their arms and tails.
  • Velociraptors were smart: Studies of velociraptor brains have shown that they had a high level of intelligence, similar to that of modern-day birds.
  • Velociraptors may have hunted in packs: Footprints found in Mongolia seem to suggest that velociraptors traveled in groups of up to six individuals. This would have allowed them to take down larger prey and defend themselves against other predators.
  • Velociraptors had a unique killing technique: Unlike many other predators, which kill their prey by going for the neck or throat, velociraptors likely killed their prey by attacking its abdomen. They would then use their sharp claws to disembowel their victim, causing it to bleed out.


In conclusion, the name “velociraptor” means “swift thief” or “quick plunderer,” reflecting the speed and hunting prowess of these fascinating dinosaurs. Despite their small size, velociraptors were fierce predators that likely hunted in packs and had a high level of intelligence. Their unique killing technique and feathered appearance make them one of the most interesting dinosaurs to study.


  1. Were velociraptors actually as big as they were portrayed in the Jurassic Park movies?
  2. No, velociraptors were actually much smaller than they are portrayed in the movies. The raptors in the movie were based on a larger species of dinosaur called Deinonychus.
  1. Did velociraptors really have feathers?
  2. Yes, recent discoveries have shown that velociraptors likely had feathers covering their bodies.
  1. What did velociraptors eat?
  2. Velociraptors were carnivorous predators that likely ate small animals such as lizards, mammals, and other dinosaurs.
  1. How fast could velociraptors run?
  2. While we don’t know for sure, it’s believed that velociraptors could run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.
  1. Are velociraptors still alive today?
  2. No, velociraptors went extinct around 71 million years ago along with all other non-avian dinosaurs.

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