Val Name Meaning Origin, History, and Significance

If you are looking for a unique name for your baby, Val might be the perfect choice. This short and sweet name has a lot of character and meaning behind it. In this article, we will explore the origin, history, and significance of the name Val.

1. What is the Meaning of the Name Val?

Val is a unisex name that is derived from several languages, including Latin, Old Norse, and German. The most common meaning of the name Val is “strength,” “power,” or “valor.” It can also mean “to be well” in Latin, “chosen one” in Old Norse, and “ruler” or “leader” in German.

2. What is the Origin of the Name Val?

The name Val has roots in various cultures and languages, making its origin difficult to pinpoint. Here are some possible origins of the name Val:

  • Latin: The name Val comes from the Latin word “valere,” which means “to be strong” or “to have power.”
  • Old Norse: In Old Norse mythology, Valhalla was the afterlife for brave warriors who died in battle. The name Val might be related to this concept of bravery and valor.
  • German: In German, the name Val can be short for names like Valentine or Valerie, which have roots in the Latin word “valere.”

3. Famous People with the Name Val

Although Val is not a very common name, there are still some notable people who share this moniker. Here are a few examples:

  • Val Kilmer: American actor known for his roles in movies like “Top Gun” and “Batman Forever.”
  • Val McDermid: Scottish crime writer best known for her series of novels featuring detective Tony Hill.
  • Val Chmerkovskiy: Ukrainian-American professional dancer and choreographer, known for his appearances on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars.”

4. Popularity of the Name Val

Val has never been a very popular name in the United States, but it has had some fluctuations in use over the years. In the 1920s and 1930s, Val was more commonly given to boys than girls. In the 1950s and 1960s, the name became more popular for girls, possibly due to the influence of actress Valerie Harper, who played Rhoda Morgenstern on the TV show “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Today, the name Val is rarely given to babies in the US, with less than 100 births per year.

5. Names Related to Val

If you like the sound or meaning of the name Val, there are several other names that you might also consider. Here are a few options:

  • Valentina: A feminine name that means “strength” or “health” in Latin.
  • Valencia: A place name that refers to the city in Spain or the region in California.
  • Valerian: A masculine name that means “strong” or “healthy” in Latin.


In conclusion, the name Val is a short and simple name with a lot of history and meaning behind it. Whether you choose this name for your child because of its connection to strength, bravery, or leadership, it is sure to make a statement. Plus, with so many variations and related names, you can customize it to your liking.


  1. Is Val a common name?
  2. No, Val is not a very common name in the United States.
  3. Can Val be a nickname for other names?
  4. Yes, Val can be short for names like Valentine, Valerie, or Valentina.
  5. What does the name Valentina mean?
  6. Valentina is a feminine name that means “strength” or “health” in Latin.
  7. What is the origin of the name Valencia?
  8. Valencia is a place name that refers to the city in Spain or the region in California.
  9. What is the meaning of the name Valerian?
  10. Valerian is a masculine name that means “strong” or “healthy” in Latin.

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