Understanding the Meaning of Kiana Name A Comprehensive Guide

Kiana is a beautiful name with a rich cultural background. If you’re curious about the meaning of the name Kiana, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the history and significance of the name Kiana, its origins, and popular variations of the name. Let’s dive in!

What Does Kiana Mean?

Kiana is a female given name of Hawaiian origin that means “divine.” The name has various spellings, including Keana, Keanah, Kiani, Kianna, and Kiyana. It’s a unique, melodious name that is steadily gaining popularity among parents worldwide.

Origins of the Name Kiana

As mentioned earlier, the name Kiana has its roots in Hawaii. Ancient Hawaiians believed in the divine power of nature, which they called mana. The name Kiana is derived from this belief as it signifies divine power or grace.

The name Kiana was first introduced to the English-speaking world in the 1990s and has become increasingly popular ever since. Its popularity grew after the American singer Kiana Ledé, who gained fame for her hit song “Ex,” started making waves in the music industry. As a result, many parents started naming their daughters Kiana as a tribute to the talented singer.

Variations of the Name Kiana

There are several variations of the name Kiana, each with its unique spelling and meaning. Some popular variations include:

  • Keana: This variation is similar to Kiana and also means “divine” in Hawaiian.
  • Keanah: This variation means “ancient one” in Hawaiian and is less common than other variations.
  • Kiani: This variation is of Persian origin and means “grace of God.”
  • Kianna: This variation is a combination of the names Kiana and Anna and means “divine grace.”
  • Kiyana: This variation is of Swahili origin and means “diamond in the sky.”

Personality Traits Associated with the Name Kiana

According to numerology, people named Kiana are known to be creative, confident, and independent. They have a natural ability to lead and inspire others, making them great team players.

People named Kiana are also believed to be optimistic and charismatic. They have a positive outlook on life, which makes them attractive to others. Additionally, people named Kiana are often passionate about their hobbies and interests and pursue them relentlessly.

Famous People Named Kiana

Several famous people bear the name Kiana, including:

  • Kiana Brown: An American singer and songwriter who rose to prominence after appearing on the TV show “The X Factor” in 2013.
  • Kiana Danial: A financial analyst and author known for her book “Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies.”
  • Kiana Ledé: An American singer and actress who gained fame for her hit song “Ex.”
  • Kiana Tom: An American actress, fitness guru, and television host who is best known for her show “Kiana’s Flex Appeal.”
  • Kiana Underwood: A renowned florist and founder of the popular Instagram account @tulipinadesign.

Importance of Naming Your Child Kiana

Choosing a name for your child is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. The name you choose can impact your child’s personality, self-esteem, and even their future success.

Naming your child Kiana can give them a unique identity that sets them apart from others. It can also imbue them with the qualities associated with the name, such as creativity, leadership, and confidence.


In conclusion, the name Kiana is a lovely choice for parents looking for a melodious, unique name for their baby girl. It has a rich cultural background, and its variations have different meanings that may resonate with you. Naming your child Kiana can imbue them with positive personality traits, such as creativity and confidence, and set them up for future success.


  1. Is Kiana a popular name?
    Yes, Kiana is a relatively popular name that has steadily gained popularity over the years.
  1. What is the meaning of the name Kiana?
    Kiana means “divine” in Hawaiian.
  1. What are some popular variations of the name Kiana?
    Some popular variations of the name Kiana include Keana, Keanah, Kiani, Kianna, and Kiyana.
  1. What personality traits are associated with the name Kiana?
    People named Kiana are believed to be creative, confident, independent, optimistic, and charismatic.
  1. Who are some famous people named Kiana?
    Famous people named Kiana include Kiana Brown, Kiana Danial, Kiana Ledé, Kiana Tom, and Kiana Underwood.

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