Understanding the Meaning and Significance of the Name Kori

Choosing a name for your child is an important decision that parents have to make. The name you choose for your child should have a special meaning, as it will become a defining part of their identity. One name that has become increasingly popular in recent years is Kori. In this article, we will explore the meaning and significance of the name Kori.

What is the Origin of the Name Kori?

The name Kori has its roots in several different languages. It is derived from the Greek word “kore,” which means “maiden” or “young girl.” Kori is also a variant of the Japanese name “Kouji,” which means “light.” Additionally, Kori can be a shortened form of the Finnish name “Korva,” which means “ear.”

What Does the Name Kori Mean?

The name Kori has different meanings based on its origin. In Greek, the name Kori means “maiden” or “young girl.” In Japanese, the name Kori means “light.” In Finnish, the name Kori means “ear.”

What are the Personality Traits Associated with the Name Kori?

People named Kori are often described as creative and imaginative individuals. They have a unique way of thinking and often come up with innovative solutions to problems. Kori’s tend to be independent and self-sufficient, preferring to rely on themselves rather than others. They are also known for their kind and compassionate nature and have a strong sense of justice.

What is the Numerology of the Name Kori?

According to numerology, the name Kori has a personality number of 3. People with this personality number are typically energetic, optimistic, and sociable. They enjoy being the center of attention and are often drawn to careers that allow them to showcase their creativity.

Famous People with the Name Kori

There are several famous people named Kori, including:

  • Kori Carter: An American track and field athlete who specializes in the 400-meter hurdles.
  • Kori Udovički: A Serbian economist and politician who served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia from 2017 to 2020.
  • Kori Gardner: An American musician and singer who is best known as one half of the indie rock duo Mates of State.

Is the Name Kori Unisex?

Yes, the name Kori is considered a unisex name, which means it can be used for both boys and girls. However, it is generally more commonly used for girls in the United States.

What Middle Names Pair Well with Kori?

When it comes to choosing a middle name for Kori, there are many options that pair well. Some popular choices include:

  • Kori Elizabeth
  • Kori Annabelle
  • Kori Olivia
  • Kori James
  • Kori Alexander

How Popular is the Name Kori?

The popularity of the name Kori has fluctuated over the years. It was most popular in the United States in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but has since declined in popularity. According to the Social Security Administration, Kori was the 881st most popular name for girls in 2020.

What Should You Consider When Naming Your Child Kori?

When choosing the name Kori for your child, it’s important to consider how the name will sound with your last name. You should also think about any potential nicknames that could arise from the name Kori. Additionally, it’s important to consider the meaning and origin of the name to ensure it aligns with your values and beliefs.


In summary, the name Kori has its roots in several different languages and has different meanings depending on its origin. People named Kori are often creative and compassionate individuals with a strong sense of justice. If you’re considering naming your child Kori, it’s important to think about the name’s meaning, potential nicknames, and how it will sound with your last name.


  1. Is Kori a popular name?
  2. The popularity of the name Kori has declined in recent years, but it is still used for both boys and girls.
  1. What does the name Kori mean in Japanese?
  2. In Japanese, the name Kori means “light.”
  1. What middle names pair well with Kori?
  2. Some popular middle names for Kori include Elizabeth, Annabelle, Olivia, James, and Alexander.
  1. What should I consider when naming my child Kori?
  2. When choosing the name Kori for your child, consider how it sounds with your last name, any potential nicknames, and the name’s meaning and origin.
  1. Is Kori considered a unisex name?
  2. Yes, Kori is considered a unisex name and can be used for both boys and girls.

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