The Meaning of the Name Remy

The name Remy is a popular given name for both boys and girls. It has been used in various cultures and languages, and it holds different meanings and origins. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the name Remy, its history, popularity, and other interesting facts about it.

What is the Origin of the Name Remy?

Remy is a name with French origins, derived from the Latin name Remigius. The name Remigius means “oarsman” or “rower,” which was a common profession during ancient times. As such, the name Remy also carries connotations of strength, perseverance, and determination.

Who is Famous with the Name Remy?

  • Remy Ma: An American rapper and songwriter, known for her hit songs “All the Way Up” and “Wake Me Up.”
  • Remy Bonjasky: A Dutch kickboxer and three-time K-1 World Grand Prix champion.
  • Remy Cabella: A French professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for FC Nantes.

What are the Different Meanings of the Name Remy?

Aside from the Latin meaning of “oarsman,” the name Remy can also mean:

  • “From Rheims”: Rheims is a city in France, and the name Remy is often associated with the city’s patron saint, Saint Remy.
  • “Remedy”: This interpretation of the name Remy comes from its similarity to the word “remedy,” which means a cure or solution to a problem.

When Was the Name Remy Popularized?

The name Remy has been used since ancient times, but it gained popularity in the 20th century. In the United States, the name Remy first appeared on the Social Security Administration’s list of popular baby names in 1974. Since then, it has steadily risen in popularity, ranking as the 627th most popular name for boys and the 444th most popular name for girls in 2020.

How to Choose a Middle Name for Remy?

When choosing a middle name for Remy, it’s essential to pick one that complements the name’s meaning and origin. Some popular middle names for Remy include:

  • Alexander: A classic name of Greek origin that means “defender of the people.”
  • Isabelle: A French name that means “pledged to God.”
  • James: A Hebrew name that means “supplanter.”

Pros and Cons of Naming Your Child Remy


  • Remy is a unique and uncommon name that stands out from more traditional names.
  • The name Remy has a rich history and several meanings, allowing parents to choose an interpretation that resonates with them.
  • The name Remy works well for both boys and girls, making it a versatile choice.


  • The name Remy may be difficult for some people to pronounce or spell correctly.
  • It may also be confused with other similar-sounding names, such as Remi or Emmett.
  • Some people may associate the name Remy with the popular brand of cognac, which could be viewed as a negative connotation.

Alternatives to the Name Remy

If parents are looking for alternative names to Remy, they can consider:

  • Roman: A Latin name that means “citizen of Rome.”
  • Leo: A Greek name that means “lion.”
  • Felix: A Latin name that means “happy” or “fortunate.”

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Pronounce Remy

  1. Start by saying the letter “r” with a slight rolling of the tongue.
  2. Then say “eh,” as in the first syllable of the word “elephant.”
  3. Finally, say “me,” as in the word “me.”

Remy vs. Remi: What’s the Difference?

Remy and Remi are two names that are often used interchangeably, but they do have slight differences. Remy is the more traditional spelling of the name, while Remi is a newer, simplified version. Additionally, Remy is typically used for boys, while Remi is more commonly used for girls.

Tips on Naming Your Child Remy

  • Consider the name’s meaning and origins when choosing it for your child.
  • Make sure the name flows well with your last name and any potential middle names.
  • Practice saying the name out loud to ensure it is easy to pronounce.

The Best Middle Names for Remy

  • Remy Alexander
  • Remy Isabelle
  • Remy James


In conclusion, the name Remy has a rich history and several meanings, making it a unique and versatile choice for parents. While it may have some cons, such as difficulty in pronunciation or association with a popular brand, its pros outweigh them. With this guide, we hope thatwe have provided helpful information and tips for those considering the name Remy for their child. Whether you choose to use it as a first or middle name, we believe that Remy is a beautiful and meaningful name that will stand the test of time.

FAQs about the Name Remy

  1. Is Remy a unisex name? Yes, Remy is a unisex name that can be used for both boys and girls.
  1. What is the most popular spelling of the name Remy? The most popular spelling of the name Remy is “Remy,” although “Remi” is also commonly used.
  1. What is the origin of the name Saint Remy? Saint Remy, the patron saint of Rheims, was a bishop who lived in the 5th century AD.
  1. What is the meaning of the name Remy Ma’s stage name? Remy Ma’s stage name is a combination of her birth name, Reminisce, and the French word “remi,” which means “to put together again.”
  1. Is Remy a common name? No, Remy is not a very common name, but it has been steadily rising in popularity in recent years.

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