The Meaning Behind Post Malone’s Name: A Deep Dive

If you’re a fan of the music industry, then you’ve most likely heard of Post Malone. This American singer, songwriter, and rapper has taken the world by storm with his unique sound and style. But have you ever wondered what’s behind his name? In this article with Impeccable Nest, we take a deep dive into the meaning behind Post Malone’s name.

The Meaning Behind Post Malone’s Name: A Deep Dive

Post Malone Musical Origins

Using his real name, Austin Post, Post Malone first gained attention posting original music on SoundCloud. Post Malone meaning is rooted in these early year. His unique, raw vocal style overlaid on wonderfully strange beat crafted an addicting sound fans couldn’t get enough of. Once discovered, Post Malone quickly leveraged this fan fervor into major record deals and smash, chart-topping hits. However, his rise to fame was also quite difficult. 6 years went by with no success, leaving Post depressed and frustrated. At the time, he lived in a basement apartment and barely made ends meet. This gave rise to his “Post Malone” moniker – he chose this stage name to offer hope and inspiration to keep going, reminding himself that he would make it despite current obstacles.

Analyzing Post Malone Song Meanings

Coming from his background of hardship in those early years, much of the meaning in Post Malone songs relates to overcoming life’s difficulties, staying persistent even when hope seems lost, and finding your authentic self. His music also shows heavy influence from a wide array of genres – something that contributes to his unique sound while also demonstrating his love of all creative art.

Struggle and Redemption Themes

Post Malone doesn’t shy away from the pain he’s experienced, instead funneling those feelings into cathartic, redemptive songs. For example, his hit track “Circles” focuses on a breakup that leaves the characters feeling lost and depressed. However, by the end of the song, there’s acceptance that even failed relationships offer opportunities for growth: “Seasons change and our love went cold; Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let go.” Other tracks, like “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” show characters that seem to have everything – money, fame, possessions – yet remain deeply unhappy with hollow, superficial lives. This theme echoes Post Malone’s own journey to find deeper meaning beyond money and acclaim through his art.

Overcoming Hardship

Nearly every Post Malone album includes songs of bucking against limitations and mistakes while continuing to push forward despite difficult circumstances. For example, Post’s track “Go Flex” finds the narrator encountering those who doubted their path: “You did not believe when I said I was next up, come through drippin’ like it’s wet, what’s up?” However, they use these criticisms as fuel, motivating them to keep proving doubters wrong. This echoes Post’s own story of overcoming early career adversity to achieve mega success.

Liberty to be Yourself

While adversity changes people, Post Malone’s message focuses more on remaining true to yourself. On his song “Better Now,” Post asserts, “Who knew a heart could be so heavy? What’s up with this modern talk? Nobody’s happy; So I just ride, I just cruise.” Instead of constantly chasing hypothetical perfection and happiness, Post’s advice focuses more on simply enjoying life’s journey as your authentic self, without worry of outside opinions. This carefree musical mantra connects deeply with Post Malone fans everywhere.

Music Influences

Post Malone pulls from many genres like rock, pop, RB, and rap to build a signature sound. You can hear Elvis Presley inspiration in Post Malone vibrato and vocals. Bob Dylan’s lyrical storytelling also significantly influences Post’s songwriting style. And icons like Kurt Cobain shape his rebelling against expectation and authority to create freely. By blending all these inspirations together, Post fabricated something completely novel that still feels pleasingly familiar. Fans feel the nostalgia of these influences while bonding to emotional themes of overcoming and empowerment.

Decoding Post Malone Lyrics by Song

Understanding Post Malone meaning in songs requires diving into his unforgettable lyrics. Here’s a deeper analysis highlighting key messages behind some of Post Malone’s biggest hits.


Perhaps Post Malone’s most commercially successful and well-known song, “Rockstar” tells a rags-to-riches story of ambitions realized. However, instead of glorifying fame, the track highlights emptiness of achieving acclaim without deeper meaning: “Livin’ like a rockstar; Smashin’ guitars, hotel rooms; What do you really gain from all this fame, tell me what’s real.” According to Post himself, the track questions the rap stereotype obsession with extreme fame and wealth, asking what truly matters in life.

“Better Now”

As highlighted previously, “Better Now” concentrates on self-acceptance and enjoying life’s imperfect journey over chasing elusive happiness: “Crashing, hit a wall; Right now, I need a miracle; So don’t let me, don’t let me down.” Post empowers fans to realize struggles are temporary and we all have power to carry on through even darkest times as our true selves.


One of Post Malone’s most unique lyrical compositions, “Congratulations” uses familiar phrases typically associated with celebration in very ironic context: “We’d be so damn disappointed; If they never lied to you; Never caught you creeping; To see everything.” According to Post himself, the track focuses on an unhealthy relationship where deceit becomes expected yet partners stay trapped in the dysfunctional cycle. By warping traditional meanings, Post’s wordplay perfectly captures confused feelings in darker relationships.

Key Takeaways on Post Malone Meaning

Through his distinct blending of genres and ability to craft strangely catchy melodies, Post Malone built a unique sound that took the world by storm. Underneath the vocals and production, Post Malone lyrics contain deeper philosophical messages. By reflecting on past hardships of depression, poverty, and career adversity, Post Malone extracts profound inspiration about overcoming, empowerment, and staying true to one’s inner self when chasing ambitions. Millions of dedicated fans connect through shared struggles and Post Malone’s ultimate theme – no matter what difficulties you face, never stop believing a better future lies ahead if you persist as your authentic self.


Through early career hardships, Post Malone discovered determination and grit to realize mega musical success as an authentic artist. His lyrics bottle intense emotions into raw words over genre-bending productions. Millions of dedicated fans across the globe deeply connect with transparent sharing of universal difficulties. However, the core Post Malone essence focuses not on past troubles but on the resilience inside us all to persist through the darkness as our true selves into the light of better days ahead.

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