The Meaning and Origin of the Name Tobias

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What Is the Meaning of the Name Tobias?

The name Tobias is of Hebrew origin, derived from the Hebrew name טוֹבִיָּה‎ (Toviyyah) which means “Yahweh is good.” This name has been present in Western culture for centuries and is still quite popular today.

Many parents choose to name their children Tobias because of its positive meaning. It’s a great way to express gratitude towards God for the gift of a child.

The History of the Name Tobias

The name Tobias has a long history that dates back to ancient times. In the Bible, Tobias was an Israelite who was sent on a mission by his father to collect a debt. Along the way, he met an angel named Raphael, who helped him overcome various obstacles and ultimately succeed in his mission.

This story has inspired many parents to name their children after this brave and resourceful character. The name Tobias has also been used throughout history by various figures, including writers, artists, and musicians.

Famous People Named Tobias

Here are some notable people who share the name Tobias:

  • Tobias Wolff: American writer and professor
  • Tobias Moretti: Austrian actor
  • Tobias Hysén: Swedish footballer
  • Tobias Sammet: German musician and songwriter
  • Tobias Menzies: English actor

Popularity of the Name Tobias

The name Tobias has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few decades. According to data from the Social Security Administration, the name ranked #250 in 2020 in the United States. It’s also a popular name in other countries, including Germany, Sweden, and Norway.

Variations of the Name Tobias

There are several variations of the name Tobias that are used around the world. Here are a few examples:

  • Tobiah: This is a variation of the Hebrew name Toviyyah, which is similar in meaning to Tobias.
  • Toby: This is an English diminutive form of the name Tobias.
  • Tovia: This is a Hebrew variant of the name Tobias.

Naming Your Child Tobias

If you’re considering naming your child Tobias, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you’re aware of the name’s meaning and history. It’s important to choose a name that has a positive connotation and reflects your values.

You should also consider how the name sounds when paired with your last name. Make sure the name flows well and is easy to pronounce.

Lastly, think about any potential nicknames or variations of the name that your child may go by. If you’re not a fan of the nickname “Toby,” for example, you may want to consider a different name.


In conclusion, the name Tobias is a popular choice for parents around the world. Its positive meaning and rich history make it an attractive option for those looking for a meaningful name for their child. Whether you’re a fan of the biblical story or simply love the way the name sounds, Tobias is a great choice for any baby boy.


  1. Is Tobias a common name?
  2. Yes, Tobias is a fairly common name that has been increasing in popularity in recent years.
  1. What does the name Tobias mean in the Bible?
  2. In the Bible, Tobias is a character who embarks on a journey aided by an angel named Raphael. The name means “Yahweh is good.”
  1. What are some famous people named Tobias?
  2. Some notable people named Tobias include writer Tobias Wolff, musician Tobias Sammet, and actor Tobias Menzies.
  1. What are some variations of the name Tobias?
  2. Variations of the name Tobias include Tobiah, Toby, and Tovia.
  1. How do you pronounce the name Tobias?
  2. The name is pronounced toe-BYE-us.

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