The Fascinating World of Dinosaur Name Meanings

Dinosaurs are a fascinating subject for people of all ages. From their massive size to their unique features, it’s no surprise that so many people are interested in learning more about these prehistoric creatures. But have you ever wondered about the meanings behind the names given to dinosaurs? In this article, we’ll explore the history and significance of dinosaur name meanings.

Evolution of Dinosaur Names

Dinosaur names have evolved over time, just like the understanding of these creatures. When dinosaurs were first discovered in the 1800s, scientists named them based on their physical characteristics. For example, the Stegosaurus was named for the plates on its back, while the Tyrannosaurus Rex was named for its status as a powerful predator. As science has advanced, however, researchers have been able to learn more about dinosaurs’ biology and behavior, leading to more descriptive and accurate names.

Naming Conventions

The scientific community has established certain conventions for naming new species of dinosaurs. The name must be in Latin or Greek, and it must consist of two parts – the genus name and the species name. The genus name is capitalized, while the species name is not. For example, the Triceratops horridus is a species of dinosaur with the genus name Triceratops and the species name horridus.

Meaningful Names

Dinosaur names often have deep meanings rooted in the cultures and languages of the scientists who discovered them. For example, the Ankylosaurus, which means “fused lizard,” was named for its heavily armored body. The Parasaurolophus, meaning “near crested lizard,” was named for the bony crest on its head.

Other dinosaur names honor individuals who have contributed to paleontology. The Pachycephalosaurus, meaning “thick-headed lizard,” was named for its dome-shaped skull, but it also honors Charles W. Gilmore, a paleontologist who discovered the first fossil of the species.

Regional Influences

Dinosaur names can also be influenced by the regions where they were discovered. The Velociraptor, meaning “swift thief,” was discovered in Mongolia, where the name reflects the swift and agile nature of these predators. The Maiasaura, meaning “good mother lizard,” was discovered in Montana and named for the nurturing behavior of this dinosaur species.

Controversies in Dinosaur Naming

Dinosaur naming has not always been without controversy. Sometimes, scientists disagree over the validity of new species and their names. For example, the Brontosaurus was once considered its own distinct species of dinosaur, but it was later discovered that the original specimen was actually a type of Apatosaurus. While some researchers still use the name Brontosaurus, others argue that it should not be recognized as a valid species.

Iconic Names

Some dinosaur names have become iconic and are instantly recognizable to people around the world. The T-Rex, or Tyrannosaurus Rex, is one such example. Its name has become synonymous with power and ferocity, making it one of the most well-known dinosaur names in popular culture. Other famous dinosaur names include the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Velociraptor.

Fun Facts about Dinosaur Names

Here are five fun facts about dinosaur names:

  1. The longest dinosaur name is Micropachycephalosaurus (“small thick-headed lizard”).
  2. The smallest dinosaur name is Fruitadens (“fruit tooth”).
  3. The first dinosaur ever discovered was the Megalosaurus, which means “great lizard.”
  4. Some dinosaur names are puns or plays on words, such as the Dracorex Hogwartsia (“dragon king of Hogwarts”) and the Thescelosaurus neglectus (“neglected marvelous lizard”).
  5. The name “dinosaur” comes from the Greek words “deinos” (meaning “terrible”) and “saurus” (meaning “lizard”).


Dinosaur name meanings offer a fascinating insight into the history and culture of paleontology. From the deep cultural and linguistic roots of some names to the influence of regional discoveries, there is much to explore when it comes to the naming of dinosaurs.


  1. Who decides on dinosaur names?
  2. Dinosaur names are decided upon by the scientists who discover and study them.
  3. Why are dinosaur names in Latin or Greek?
  4. Latin and Greek are used because they are considered “dead” languages that are not likely to change over time.
  5. Are all dinosaur names based on physical characteristics?
  6. No, some dinosaur names have cultural or historical significance, while others honor individuals who have contributed to paleontology.
  7. Why do some scientists disagree over dinosaur names?
  8. Sometimes, there is disagreement over whether a new species is truly distinct from existing species or whether its name accurately reflects

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