14+ Chinese Names Meaning Moon: The Beauty and Mysticism

Moon is an important symbol in Chinese culture and mythology. Many Chinese names contain the moon radical (月) or have the meaning related to the moon. Here are some popular Chinese names for girls and boys that are associated with the moon.

Top 40+ Chinese Names Meaning Moon

Popular Chinese girl names related to the moon

Yue (月)

Yue (月) is a Chinese girl name that means “moon”. In Chinese culture, the moon holds significant meaning and symbolism. It is often associated with femininity, beauty, grace, and elegance. Therefore, naming a baby girl after the moon symbolizes these qualities and is considered auspicious.

The Chinese believe that the moon has a powerful presence that affects human emotions and behavior. Just like the moon’s phases, which go through different stages, people’s emotions and moods also change. Thus, giving a girl the name Yue is like blessing her with a calm and serene temperament, just like the peaceful and soothing light of the moon.

In Chinese mythology, the moon is personified as the goddess Chang’e, who is often depicted as a beautiful woman holding a rabbit. The rabbit is believed to be the companion of the goddess, living on the moon with her. This association with the moon further adds to the feminine and nurturing aspect of the name Yue.

Apart from its cultural significance, the name Yue also has a deep spiritual meaning. The Chinese believe that the moon represents yin energy, which is associated with darkness, quietness, and intuition. People with yin energy are said to possess wisdom, insight, and creativity. Therefore, naming a girl Yue can be seen as a way of bestowing upon her these positive traits.

Moreover, in Chinese astrology, the moon represents the element metal. Those born under this element are believed to be ambitious, determined, and hardworking, which are all admirable qualities for a girl. These individuals are also said to have a sharp mind and are great problem solvers, making them successful in their endeavors. Hence, naming a girl Yue could be seen as a way of ensuring success and prosperity in her life.

Yueliang (月亮)

Yueliang (月亮), which means “moonlight” in Chinese, is a beautiful and meaningful name for a girl. In Chinese culture, the moon holds great significance and is often associated with femininity, beauty, and mystery. Therefore, naming a girl after the moon can symbolize these qualities and carry a special meaning.

As a name, Yueliang not only reflects the beauty and mystery of the moon but also carries a sense of tranquility and calmness. The soft and gentle sound of the name evokes a serene and peaceful feeling, just like the light of the moon shining on a quiet night.

Moreover, Yueliang is a timeless name that has been used for generations in China. With its simple yet elegant pronunciation, it is easy to remember and pronounce, making it a popular choice among parents. The name also has a poetic quality to it, making it perfect for those who appreciate literature and art.

In modern times, Yueliang remains a popular name for girls in China and other parts of the world. Many celebrities, such as actress Liu Yifei and singer Tan Weiwei, have this name, further adding to its charm and popularity.

Aiyue (爱月)

The name Aiyue is composed of two Chinese characters: 爱 (ài) meaning “love” and 月 (yuè) meaning “moon.” The character 爱 is pronounced as “ai” and is used to convey strong feelings of affection, adoration, and warmth. It is a popular element in Chinese names, especially for girls, as it reflects the loving and nurturing nature typically associated with females.

The second character, 月, is pronounced as “yue” and is commonly used to represent the moon. In Chinese culture, the moon is often associated with romance, beauty, and female energy. It is also linked to the concept of yin, representing the feminine aspect of nature, which includes qualities such as receptivity, gentleness, and grace.

Together, Aiyue can be translated as “loving the moon” or “moon lover,” which captures the essence of the strong emotional bond between the Chinese people and the moon. The name also conveys a sense of admiration and appreciation for the moon’s ethereal beauty, as well as a deep connection with its symbolic meanings.

In addition to its beautiful meaning, Aiyue is a popular name for girls in China because of its melodic sound and pleasant tone. It is easy to pronounce and has a gentle flow, making it a popular choice among parents who want their daughter’s name to be both meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.

Moreover, the name Aiyue has gained even more popularity since the emergence of Chinese pop culture, where many female artists use this name as part of their stage names. This has further solidified its association with beauty, love, and femininity, making it a desirable name for many parents.

Yueyin (月茵)

Yueyin (月茵) is a beautiful Chinese name that holds a deep and poetic meaning. The name is made up of two Chinese characters – 月 (yue) meaning moon, and 茵 (yin) meaning halo or mat. When combined, the name translates to “moon’s halo”, making it an enchanting name for a baby girl.

The first character of this name, 月 (yue), is pronounced as “yoo-eh” and represents the moon in its crescent form. It is a common element in Chinese names and is often used to symbolize beauty, purity, and elegance. In traditional Chinese poetry, the moon has been compared to a beautiful woman, and 月 (yue) embodies these feminine qualities.

The second character, 茵 (yin), is pronounced as “een” and means halo or mat. The character is derived from the image of a curved mat, representing the shape of a halo around the moon. In Chinese culture, the halo is believed to be a symbol of enlightenment, wisdom, and protection. Hence, the name Yueyin (月茵) can also be interpreted as “moon’s protective halo” or “moon’s guiding light”.

Together, Yueyin (月茵) signifies a celestial beauty that radiates grace and purity, just like the moon. It is a name that reflects inner strength and resilience, as the moon continues to shine even in the darkest of nights. This name carries a sense of mystery and enchantment, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a unique and meaningful name for their daughter.

Moreover, Yueyin (月茵) has a melodic and gentle sound that is pleasing to the ear. It is a name that can be easily pronounced in both English and Chinese, making it suitable for families from diverse backgrounds.

Yueqi (月琪)

One popular theme in Chinese girl names is the use of elements of nature, with the moon being a particularly common choice. Yueqi (月琪) is one such name that has a beautiful and profound meaning. It combines the characters for “moon” (月) and “gem” (琪), resulting in a name that translates to “moon gem” or “jewel of the moon.”

The character 月 (yuè) is often used to represent the moon in Chinese characters. It is a simple but powerful symbol that is associated with femininity, beauty, and tranquility. In Chinese mythology, the moon is often portrayed as a goddess who embodies these qualities and is worshipped with great reverence.

As for the second character in Yueqi, 琪 (qí), it can mean “gem,” “jade,” or “precious.” This character is also closely linked to the moon, as jade is believed to be formed from the essence of the moon. It is considered a valuable and auspicious stone in Chinese culture, representing purity, grace, and strength.

Together, the characters in Yueqi create a name that is rich in meaning and imagery. It conveys the idea of a precious treasure that shines brightly in the night sky, much like the moon itself. This name also carries a sense of elegance and grace, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a beautiful and meaningful name for their daughter.

In addition to its poetic and romantic connotations, the name Yueqi also has a practical aspect. In Chinese culture, the moon is associated with harmony and balance. It is believed that the gentle light of the moon can soothe emotional turmoil and bring peace to one’s mind. Therefore, the name Yueqi can also be seen as a wish for the child to possess qualities such as calmness, serenity, and wisdom.

Yuèrú (月如)

One beautiful Chinese girl name meaning moon is Yuèrú (月如). The name is made up of two Chinese characters – “yùe” which means “moon” and “rú” which means “like” or “as if”. When combined together, the name Yuèrú means “like the moon” or “moon-like”.

This name carries a poetic and dreamy quality, evoking images of a serene and ethereal beauty akin to that of the moon. It also conveys a sense of grace and delicateness, much like the gentle glow of the moon in the night sky.

The character “yùe” in Yuèrú comes from the Chinese word “yuèlì” which means “moon power”. This signifies the strong connection between the name and the moon itself. In Chinese mythology, the moon is often associated with magic and mysticism, representing feminine energy and the divine feminine.

Moreover, the moon is also seen as a symbol of Yin, one of the fundamental concepts in Chinese philosophy. Yin represents qualities such as darkness, passivity, softness, and receptivity, all of which are closely related to the feminine energy. This further reinforces the idea that Yuèrú is a name that embodies the essence of femininity and the moon.

Additionally, the name Yuèrú also has a deeper meaning beyond its literal translation. The character “rú” in Chinese can also mean “according to” or “following”. In this context, the name can be interpreted as “following the path of the moon” or “guiding oneself by the moon”. This could be seen as an encouragement for the bearer to embrace their own unique path and follow their own intuition, just as the moon follows its own course in the sky.

In Chinese culture, names hold a special significance and are believed to have an impact on one’s destiny. As such, choosing a name like Yuèrú for a girl would not only reflect her beauty and femininity but also imbue her with the qualities and energy associated with the moon.

Qiyue (奇月)

Qiyue (奇月) is a beautiful Chinese girl name that holds a special meaning – “wonderful moon”. In Chinese culture, the moon is a symbol of beauty, elegance, and femininity. The name Qiyue reflects these qualities and conveys a sense of wonder and uniqueness.

The name Qiyue is composed of two Chinese characters, “奇” and “月”. The first character, “奇”, means “wonderful” or “extraordinary”. It is often used to describe something that is out of the ordinary or exceptional. This character also has connotations of mystery, magic, and enchantment, making it a popular choice for names in Chinese culture.

The second character, “月”, means “moon”. In Chinese mythology, the moon is associated with the goddess Chang’e, who is known for her beauty and grace. The moon is also believed to have a powerful influence on nature and human emotions. As such, it is a highly revered symbol in Chinese culture.

Together, the characters “奇” and “月” form the name Qiyue, which can be interpreted as “wonderful moon” or “extraordinary moon”. This name carries a sense of awe and admiration towards the moon, emphasizing its beauty and significance.

In addition to its poetic meaning, Qiyue also has a harmonious and pleasing sound. The two syllables flow smoothly together, creating a gentle and melodic name. This makes it a popular choice for parents looking for a beautiful and meaningful name for their daughter.

Furthermore, the name Qiyue is rich in cultural and historical significance. Moon worship has been an important aspect of Chinese culture for centuries, and the moon continues to hold a special place in the hearts of the Chinese people. By choosing a name like Qiyue, parents are not only giving their daughter a beautiful name, but also connecting her to her cultural heritage.

Ruyue (如月)

One of the most popular Chinese girl names meaning moon is Ruyue (如月). This name is made up of two characters: “ru” (如) which means “like” or “resembling,” and “yue” (月) which means “moon.”

The name Ruyue can be translated to “resembling the moon” or “moon-like.” This name conveys a delicate and ethereal quality, often associated with the moon. It also implies a sense of grace, elegance, and beauty that is commonly associated with the lunar deity in Chinese mythology.

Additionally, the character “ru” (如) has several other meanings that further enhance the significance of this name. It can also mean “to be similar to” or “to be as if,” which suggests a deep connection between the person and the moon. In Chinese culture, the moon is often seen as a reflection of one’s inner self, and therefore, the name Ruyue could signify a strong alignment between one’s personality and the moon’s characteristics.

Moreover, the character “ru” (如) is also associated with good fortune and blessings. This adds a positive connotation to the name Ruyue, making it an auspicious choice for a baby girl.

Examples of Chinese girl names meaning moon

  • The name Yue (月) directly translates to “moon” in Chinese. It’s simple but poetic.
  • Yueliang (月亮) meaning “moonlight” is a delicate and romantic name for girls. The moonlight symbolizes brightness and hope.
  • Aiyue (爱月) “love the moon” expresses affection for the beauty of the moon. It’s a sweet name for a baby girl.

Other moon-inspired names for girls

  • Names with yue (月) meaning “moon” such as Xiaoyue, Luyue, Xueyue
  • Names with yuan (圆) meaning “round” such as Yuanyuan, Xiyuan, Zhengyuan
  • Names related to the moon’s light such as Mingyue, Guangyue, Qingyue

Popular Chinese boy names related to the moon

Yue (岳)

Yue (岳) is a Chinese boy name that has multiple meanings, one of which is “moon”. It is pronounced as “yoo-eh” and is written as 岳 in traditional Chinese characters. The character consists of two parts – the top part represents a mountain (山) and the bottom part symbolizes a person standing on top of the mountain. This character not only reflects the meaning of “moon”, but also carries a deeper significance of being high and lofty.

In Chinese culture, mountains have a significant role as they are seen as symbols of strength, stability, and enlightenment. They are also believed to possess spiritual powers and are often associated with deities. The Chinese have always revered mountains and many ancient legends and folktales are set in the mountains. Hence, the name Yue, which means moon, also signifies strength, stability, and divinity.

Furthermore, the moon has been an integral part of Chinese culture for centuries. In Chinese mythology, there is a story about Chang’e, the goddess of the moon who resides on the moon with her companion, a jade rabbit. She is worshipped during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese festival that celebrates the full moon and family reunions. Therefore, the name Yue not only represents the moon itself but also connects to the rich cultural heritage of China.

In addition to its connection with the moon and mountains, the name Yue also has a positive connotation of being high and lofty. Just like how a mountain stands tall and proud, this name conveys the image of a strong and noble individual who has great potential and aspirations. It is a name that is often associated with someone who is determined, ambitious, and has a strong will to succeed.

Moreover, the Chinese character 岳 can also be interpreted as “father”. In ancient China, fathers were considered the head of the household and were respected and revered. Hence, the name Yue can also be seen as a tribute to one’s father and a reflection of filial piety.

Yuè (悦)

Yuè (悦) is a beautiful Chinese boy name that means “happiness” or “joy.” This name has a strong connection with the moon, as the character 悦 resembles a crescent moon.

In Chinese culture, the moon is often associated with happiness and joy. It is seen as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity, and many traditional rituals and festivals are centered around the moon. The character 悦 also carries this sentiment, as it is a combination of the characters 心 (heart) and 兌 (to exchange). This can be interpreted as the exchange of happiness and joy from one person’s heart to another.

The name Yuè carries a positive connotation, bringing to mind feelings of contentment and delight. It is a name that exudes warmth and positivity, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a meaningful name for their baby boy.

Aside from its connection to the moon, Yuè also has a rich history in Chinese literature and mythology. In the famous Chinese folktale “The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl,” the two star-crossed lovers were separated by the Milky Way and could only meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. This romantic story has been passed down for generations, and the name Yuè serves as a reminder of this enduring love.

In terms of pronunciation, Yuè is a simple and easy name to say. The first tone makes it sound gentle and soothing, evoking a sense of calmness and happiness. Its simplicity also makes it a versatile name, suitable for any region or language.

Yuèlóng (月龙)

One unique and meaningful name that means “moon” in Chinese is Yuèlóng (月龙). This name is composed of two characters – “yue” (月) meaning “moon” and “long” (龙) meaning “dragon”. In Chinese mythology, dragons are revered creatures that symbolize strength, wisdom, and power. They are also associated with water, which is closely connected to the phases of the moon.

The character “yue” (月) is derived from the ancient Chinese word for “moon” or “month”. It is a combination of two other characters – “yuè” (日) meaning “sun” and “yuè” (亚) meaning “less”. This reflects the belief that the moon is subordinate to the sun, yet still holds its own unique power and beauty.

The character “long” (龙) is one of the most iconic and auspicious symbols in Chinese culture. It is often associated with the emperor and represents power, good fortune, and prosperity. The dragon is also believed to have control over the elements, including water, which further ties it to the moon.

Together, the name Yuèlóng (月龙) evokes a strong and majestic image of a dragon that is closely connected to the moon. It is a name that exudes power, grace, and harmony – qualities that parents may wish for their child to possess.

In addition to its cultural and mythological significance, the name Yuèlóng (月龙) also has a beautiful sound and rhythm to it. The characters flow smoothly together and are easily pronounceable in both Chinese and English.

Naming a child Yuèlóng (月龙) can be seen as a way to honor and pay tribute to the rich history and symbolism of Chinese culture. It reflects the parents’ desire for their child to possess strength, wisdom, and grace, just like the moon dragon.

Yuèliàng (月亮)

In Chinese culture, the moon holds great significance and is often associated with romance, beauty, and tranquility. As a result, many Chinese parents choose to name their children after the moon or moon-related elements. One popular choice for Chinese boy names that mean moon is Yuèliàng (月亮).

The character “月” (Yuè) in this name means “moon” and the character “亮” (liàng) means “light”. Therefore, Yuèliàng can be translated to mean “moonlight”. This name is particularly fitting for a boy as it reflects both elegance and brightness, just like the moon.

Besides its literal meaning, Yuèliàng also carries deep symbolic meanings in Chinese culture. The moon has long been viewed as a symbol of harmony and unity due to its cyclical nature. It waxes and wanes, but always returns to its full state, representing balance and wholeness. In the same way, parents may choose the name Yuèliàng for their son as a wish for him to lead a harmonious and balanced life.

Furthermore, the moon is also associated with yin energy in Chinese philosophy, which represents the feminine, nurturing, and intuitive aspects of life. This gives the name Yuèliàng a sense of gentleness and sensitivity, making it a suitable choice for a calm and empathetic boy.

In addition to its cultural connotations, Yuèliàng is also a beautiful and melodic name. The two characters flow smoothly together, creating a harmonious and poetic sound. This makes it a popular choice for parents who value aesthetic qualities in a name.

Zhēngyuè (正月)

Zhēngyuè (正月) is a Chinese boy name that means “moon” in English. This name comes from the combination of two Chinese words: “zhēng” (正) meaning “righteous” or “correct”, and “yuè” (月) meaning “moon”. The literal translation of this name is “the correct moon”.

In the Chinese language, the character “zhēng” (正) carries a positive connotation and often represents something that is upright, just, or in accordance with moral standards. This character can also be translated as “positive” or “upright”. On the other hand, “yuè” (月) is a commonly used character for “moon” in Chinese. It is often associated with beauty, femininity, and grace.

The name Zhēngyuè is also significant because it is the name given to the first month of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. In Chinese culture, the lunar calendar is widely used in determining important dates such as festivals, celebrations, and even auspicious days for important events like weddings. The first month, called Zhēngyuè, marks the beginning of the lunar calendar and is considered a special time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and new opportunities.

According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the moon has a strong influence on human life and behavior. It is believed to have a calming and soothing effect, bringing harmony and balance to the world. The moon is also associated with yin energy, which is said to represent feminine qualities such as intuition, creativity, and sensitivity. The name Zhēngyuè therefore not only signifies the moon but also carries positive traits and blessings for the child who bears this name.

Xiǎoyuè (小月)

One example is the name “Xiǎoyuè”, which means “little moon” in Chinese. The name is typically written using the characters 小月, with “小” meaning small or little, and “月” meaning moon. It can also be written as 小越, where “越” is a homophone for “月” and means exceeding or surpassing.

The name Xiǎoyuè is commonly used for boys in China and other Chinese-speaking communities around the world. It is a popular choice among parents who are looking for a unique and meaningful name for their son.

As mentioned earlier, the moon is often associated with feminine qualities in Chinese culture. However, the name Xiǎoyuè challenges this stereotype by giving a traditionally feminine concept a masculine twist. This can be seen as a reflection of the changing gender roles and norms in modern Chinese society.

Moreover, the name Xiǎoyuè has a poetic and romantic quality to it. It evokes images of a peaceful, serene, and beautiful moonlit night, making it a charming and elegant name for a baby boy. It also carries connotations of innocence, purity, and gentleness.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the name Xiǎoyuè also has a strong cultural meaning. In Chinese mythology, the moon is often associated with immortality, enlightenment, and the attainment of higher wisdom and spiritual growth. Therefore, the name Xiǎoyuè can be seen as a wish for the child to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Examples of Chinese boy names meaning moon

  • Yue (岳) meaning “high mountain” has the moon radical, evoking height and masculinity.
  • Yuèlóng (月龙) meaning “moon dragon” is a powerful and mystical name for boys. The dragon is a sacred symbol in Chinese culture.
  • Xiǎoyuè (小月) meaning “little moon” has a cute and playful connotation for baby boys.

Other moon-inspired names for boys

  • Names with yue (月) such as Zhengyue, Liyue, Haoyue
  • Names related to moon phases like Xiaoyue, Weiyue
  • Names with yuè (悦) meaning “happiness, pleasure” such as Xiyue, Chengyue


In Chinese culture, the moon symbolizes beauty, romance and enlightenment. Chinese parents often choose meaningful character combinations related to the moon for their babies’ names. Popular moon-related names such as Yue, Mingyue, and Yuèlóng beautifully reflect lunar qualities and work well for both girls and boys. Whether you are inspired by moon phases, the moon goddess, moonlight, or the moon rabbit, Chinese names containing the moon radical or meaning capture the magic of the moon.

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