Names That Mean Void A Comprehensive Guide

Looking for a name that’s unique and has a deep meaning? Consider choosing a name that means “void.” While these names may not be as popular as others, they have significant power and can make an unforgettable impression. In this guide with Impeccable Nest, we’ll explore the top names that mean void, their origins, and what makes them special.

What Does “Void” Mean?

Before diving into the names themselves, it’s important to understand the meaning behind the word “void.” Essentially, it refers to an empty or blank space, often with a sense of vastness or emptiness. Some people may associate it with darkness or absence, but others see it as a symbol of potential and possibility. Names that mean void often carry similar connotations, representing a sense of mystery, depth, or openness.

Top Names That Mean Void

  1. Khaos – This name derives from Greek mythology, where it refers to the primordial state of chaos and emptiness that existed before the universe was created. It can also be spelled “Chaos” in English.
  2. Shunya – This is a Sanskrit name that translates to “emptiness” or “zero.” In Buddhist philosophy, shunyata (or “emptiness”) refers to the idea that all phenomena are ultimately empty of inherent existence.
  3. Mara – This name has roots in several cultures, including Hebrew, Gaelic, and Scandinavian. In Hebrew, it means “bitterness” or “grief,” while in Gaelic it can mean “sea” or “greatness.” In Norse mythology, Mara was a goddess associated with death and nightmares.
  4. Zephyr – This Greek name means “west wind” and is often associated with a gentle breeze or refreshing air. While it may not seem directly related to the concept of void, it can evoke a sense of movement or change.
  5. Kuro – This Japanese name means “black” or “darkness.” While it may not explicitly refer to a void, many people associate darkness with emptiness or the absence of light.

Other Names With Void-Related Meanings

In addition to the names listed above, there are many other options that have similar connotations. Here are a few more to consider:

  • Amayeta: This Native American name means “big water,” which can represent a vast and empty space like an ocean.
  • Ciara: This Irish name means “dark-haired,” but it can also be associated with a sense of mystery or depth.
  • Dagan: This Hebrew name means “grain” or “corn,” but it can also represent a fertile and empty field waiting to be filled.
  • Hecate: In Greek mythology, Hecate was a goddess associated with magic and crossroads. Her name may represent a liminal space between worlds.
  • Lirio: This Spanish name means “lily,” which can be associated with purity and emptiness.

How to Choose a Name That Means Void

If you’re considering a name that means void, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the culture and origin of the name. Some cultures may have specific associations with void-related concepts, while others may approach it from a more abstract perspective. Additionally, think about whether you want a name that’s more overtly connected to void (like Khaos or Shunya) or one that has more subtle allusions (like Zephyr or Lirio).

It’s also important to remember that a name is a lifelong gift, and one that your child will carry with them forever. Make sure that the name you choose is one that you genuinely love, rather than just one that sounds cool or unique. Take time to research each name’s origins, meanings, and potential associations, and consider how it may sound in different contexts.


Choosing a name can be a daunting task, but opting for one that means “void” can add an extra layer of depth and meaning. From Khaos to Lirio, there are many options to choose from, each with their own unique associations and origins. By understanding the deeper significance behind these names, you can make an informed decision and give your child a truly unforgettable moniker.


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