20+ Boy Names That Mean Sun: Perfect Name for Your Little Ray of Sunshine

Are you expecting a baby boy and looking for the perfect name that reflects his bright and radiant personality? Look no further than names that mean sun! These names not only have a beautiful meaning, but they also hold a special significance in many cultures. In this article with Imoeccable Nest, we will explore the top boy names that mean sun and why they are a great choice for your little bundle of joy.

20+ Boy Names That Mean Sun: Perfect Name for Your Little Ray of Sunshine

Best Boy Names That Mean Sun

So which monikers meaning sun are worth considering for your expected son? Here are our top picks in 2023:


Certainly! The name Apollo has a rich and fascinating history deeply rooted in Greek and Roman mythology. In both cultures, Apollo was revered as the radiant and powerful sun god. His significance extended beyond just being associated with the sun; he was also celebrated for his strength, artistic talents, and the ability to bestow prophecy.

Choosing a name that means “sun” can be a profound way to honor the qualities of brightness, warmth, and vitality that the sun represents. Apollo encapsulates these attributes, making it a compelling choice for parents seeking a name with historical and mythological significance.

The name Apollo carries an undeniable sense of nobility and grandeur due to its mythological origins. At the same time, its smooth and modern sound gives it a timeless appeal. This combination of historical weight and contemporary elegance makes Apollo a name that resonates across different eras and cultures.

For parents considering this name, its association with the sun can symbolize hope, strength, and positivity. Furthermore, the name’s connection to artistry and prophecy adds layers of depth and meaning, potentially inspiring parents who wish to instill creativity and vision in their child.


Cyrus is a name with a rich historical and cultural significance. Its origin can be traced back to Old Persian, where it carries the powerful meaning of “sun.” This association with the sun holds deep symbolism, often representing strength, warmth, and the source of life itself.

One of the most notable bearers of the name Cyrus was Cyrus the Great, an ancient king renowned for his tolerance and just governance. His leadership and legacy have left an indelible mark on history, making the name Cyrus not only a bearer of solar symbolism but also a symbol of leadership and fairness.

The name Cyrus possesses a regal quality while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor. Its ancient roots give it a sense of timelessness and depth, making it a name that resonates with both strength and familiarity. While it may not be as commonly used as some other names today, this rarity adds to its allure, making it stand out in a crowd of more popular names.

In modern times, choosing the name Cyrus for a child bestows upon them a connection to a storied past and a name that exudes both warmth and authority. Its uniqueness sets it apart, offering a distinct identity while carrying forward the honorable legacy of its historical origins.


Boy Names That Mean Sun: In various cultures, the sun has been a symbol of power, vitality, and strength. In Italian and Spanish cultures, the name Elio is deeply connected to the sun gods Helios and Apollo, representing the radiant and life-giving nature of the sun. While not as common in English-speaking countries, Elio has been steadily gaining popularity on an international scale.

Elio carries a smooth, sleek sound that exudes an upbeat and positive vibe. The combination of the initial ‘E’ and ‘O’ makes it particularly pleasing to both pronounce and spell. This name’s connection to the sun adds a layer of significance, making it a compelling choice for parents seeking a name with historical and mythological roots, as well as a modern, cosmopolitan appeal. As the world becomes more interconnected, names like Elio are increasingly embraced for their cross-cultural resonance and timeless charm.


The name Levan, originating from the Armenian language, carries a beautiful and profound meaning – “rising sun” or “dawn.” In its essence, Levan encapsulates the energy and vitality associated with the break of day, symbolizing the beginning of something new and promising. While this name may not be widely recognized in Western cultures, it holds significant cultural and linguistic importance in Armenia.

The significance of the name Levan extends beyond its literal translation. It evokes a sense of optimism, representing the idea of a fresh start and the anticipation of new opportunities. The imagery of the rising sun is often associated with hope, renewal, and the promise of a brighter future. Therefore, naming a child Levan can serve as a powerful affirmation of positivity and potential, setting an optimistic tone for their journey through life.

In many ways, the name Levan embodies a spirit of resilience and determination, much like the sun rising each morning, bringing light and warmth to the world. It conveys a sense of strength and vitality, suggesting that those bearing this name have the capacity to illuminate the lives of others and navigate their own paths with confidence and purpose.

Furthermore, the name Levan has a timeless quality, transcending trends and fads. Its rarity in Western nations adds to its allure, making it a distinctive choice for parents seeking a name that is both meaningful and unique. As a result, Levan stands as a testament to the beauty of diversity in names and the rich tapestry of linguistic traditions found across the globe.


Certainly! The name Lucian has a rich and fascinating history. Derived from the Latin word “lux,” meaning light, it embodies a powerful connection to illumination and brightness. This etymological link not only ties it to the concept of light but also connects it to other names such as Lucius and Lucifer, both of which have deep-rooted associations with light-bearing figures.

When considering the name Lucian, one can’t help but be drawn to its distinguished and intellectual aura. Its rhythmic flow and the visual imagery it evokes are reminiscent of a serene, cyan hue, creating a sense of unencumbered and free-flowing energy. These qualities make Lucian a name that exudes sophistication and elegance, while also carrying an underlying symbolism of enlightenment and positivity.

In various cultures and mythologies, the sun is often seen as a symbol of vitality, strength, and renewal. As such, naming a child Lucian could be seen as a way to bestow upon them the attributes associated with the sun – warmth, light, and life-giving energy. It’s a name that not only carries historical significance but also resonates with timeless themes of hope and optimism.

The multifaceted nature of the name Lucian makes it a compelling choice for parents seeking a name that not only sounds melodious but also carries profound meanings and connotations. Whether it’s the literary connections, the linguistic roots, or the visual and emotional impact of the name, Lucian stands as a testament to the enduring power of names to encapsulate rich layers of significance.


The name Roan, with its origins in old German and Celtic languages, carries a powerful meaning associated with the sun. In these ancient tongues, Roan symbolized brightness and radiance, often linked to the qualities of the sun. Over time, this name has evolved to be used as both a first name and a surname, carrying with it connotations of individuals with red-haired complexions.

What makes Roan particularly intriguing is its versatility. It exudes a sense of coolness while also embodying strength and resilience. The name’s fiery undertones evoke a spirited and robust character, making it an excellent choice for parents seeking a name that balances smoothness with a strong, assertive quality.


Boy names that mean “sun” carry a rich cultural significance across various traditions. In Latin, Nordic, and Indian cultures, the name “Sol” has been associated with sun gods, symbolizing vitality, strength, and warmth. The significance of the sun as a life-giving force is universal, and naming a child after this celestial body reflects a deep appreciation for its power.

The name “Sol” not only embodies the radiant nature of the sun but also serves as a tribute to the solar sphere that sustains life on our planet. Its simplicity adds to its allure, evoking a sense of clarity and brightness. The name’s crisp sound resonates with energy, while its cozy feel conveys a sense of familiarity and comfort.

In many ways, “Sol” encapsulates a special distinction, representing the brilliance and warmth associated with the sun. Choosing a name with such profound symbolism can serve as a source of inspiration and strength for a young boy, reflecting the hope for a bright and promising future.


The name Surya, originating from Sanskrit, holds a profound significance as it symbolizes the solar deity in Hindu mythology. In Indian culture, Surya represents the radiant force that sustains the cosmos, making it a name deeply rooted in spiritual and cultural heritage.

The etymology of the name “Surya” is derived from the Sanskrit word for sun. It embodies the qualities of brightness, energy, and vitality, reflecting the powerful and life-giving nature of the sun itself. The name’s continued usage in India underscores its enduring appeal and the reverence accorded to the sun as a source of light, warmth, and life.

When bestowed upon a child, the name Surya carries with it a sense of divine magnetism and an aura of enlightenment. Its worldly connotations evoke a sense of cosmic significance, representing not just the physical sun, but also the spiritual illumination and vitality associated with it.

In many ways, naming a child Surya is akin to bestowing upon them the attributes of the sun—vibrancy, strength, and an inherent ability to illuminate the world around them. It encapsulates a sense of optimism, power, and boundless potential, making it a truly unique and meaningful choice for parents seeking a name that resonates with both cultural depth and universal significance.


The name Behati is of African origin and carries with it a beautiful meaning – “sunshine.” Derived from the African language, this name encapsulates the warmth and brightness associated with the sun. In many cultures, the sun is often seen as a symbol of life, energy, and vitality, making names that mean “sun” particularly significant.

Behati, beyond its linguistic roots, holds a deep symbolic value. Just as the sun brings light and warmth to the world, the name Behati can be seen as a representation of positivity and radiance. Naming a child Behati not only connects them to the rich cultural heritage of Africa but also imbues them with the qualities often associated with the sun – strength, optimism, and a nurturing spirit.

In a world where names carry profound significance, Behati stands out as a unique choice for parents seeking a name that reflects the brilliance and positivity they wish for their child. Its connection to the sun, a universal symbol of hope and life, makes Behati a name that resonates deeply across different cultures and backgrounds.


The name “Huo” is a compelling choice for parents seeking a boy’s name that embodies the radiant and powerful qualities associated with the sun. Originating from Chinese culture, “Huo” directly translates to “sunshine,” encapsulating the warmth, brightness, and vitality often symbolized by the sun.

In many cultures, the sun is revered as a source of life, energy, and positivity. As such, naming a child after this celestial body can carry significant meaning. The name “Huo” not only reflects the physical aspects of the sun but also its metaphorical attributes, including strength, illumination, and optimism.

Choosing a name with such rich symbolism can be a way for parents to bestow upon their child a sense of auspiciousness and hope. Additionally, in a globalized world, a name like “Huo” can serve as a bridge between cultures, fostering an appreciation for diversity and heritage.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of the name “Huo” can set an individual apart, emphasizing their distinctiveness and potential to shine brightly in their own right. As parents consider names for their children, “Huo” stands out as a meaningful and evocative option, carrying with it the promise of a luminous and impactful future.


The name Owen, with its Gaelic origins, carries a rich and diverse set of meanings. While it directly translates to “young warrior” and “well-born,” its phonetic resemblance to the word “sunshine” adds an intriguing layer of symbolism. The Gaelic culture often intertwines nature and human characteristics, and in this case, the name Owen seems to bridge the qualities of a warrior with the radiant warmth associated with the sun.

In many cultures, the sun is a symbol of vitality, strength, and positivity. It represents life, energy, and the source of light that dispels darkness. Similarly, the concept of a young warrior embodies vigor, courage, and the spirit of determination. When these attributes are combined with the essence of sunshine, the name Owen takes on a powerful and uplifting significance.

Names that carry such dual meanings often resonate deeply with individuals and their families. They not only reflect cultural heritage and historical roots but also convey a sense of hope, brightness, and potential for the future. In choosing a name like Owen, one might be embracing the idea of a spirited individual, destined to bring warmth and light into the lives of those around them.

Furthermore, the fusion of meanings within the name Owen offers a beautiful narrative for a child’s identity. It suggests a balance between strength and gentleness, valor and compassion, much like the harmonious coexistence of a warrior’s spirit and the nurturing qualities associated with sunlight.


The name Shemesh is a Hebrew name that holds a beautiful and powerful meaning. In Hebrew, “Shemesh” directly translates to “sun.” The significance of the sun in numerous cultures and mythologies across the world makes this name particularly captivating.

In various ancient civilizations, the sun has been revered as a symbol of power, vitality, and life itself. It is often associated with warmth, light, and the source of energy essential for growth and sustenance. As such, naming a child “Shemesh” not only reflects a connection to Hebrew heritage but also embodies these universal qualities associated with the sun.

Choosing a name like Shemesh for a boy could be seen as an expression of hope, brightness, and strength. It may also symbolize the parents’ aspirations for their child to exude warmth, positivity, and resilience throughout his life’s journey.

Furthermore, the name Shemesh carries a sense of timelessness and tradition, as it connects the child to a rich cultural heritage. This can be a source of pride and identity, instilling a strong sense of belonging and history within the individual.

Names that carry such profound meanings often serve as a reminder of the values and virtues they represent. In this case, Shemesh encapsulates the enduring significance of the sun, evoking a sense of radiance, power, and unwavering presence—a name that not only honors tradition but also celebrates the enduring brilliance of the natural world.

What are some sun god names?


Boy Names That Mean Sun: Ra

Ra is an ancient Egyptian name that means “sun.” In Egyptian mythology, Ra is also the name of the powerful sun god, considered to be the supreme deity in some periods of ancient Egyptian history. Ra was believed to traverse the sky during the day and journey through the underworld at night, symbolizing death and rebirth. The significance of the sun in Egyptian culture was immense, as it represented warmth, light, and life itself.

Choosing the name Ra for a boy not only reflects a connection to the sun’s symbolism but also carries with it a rich cultural and historical legacy. The name Ra embodies strength, power, and vitality, drawing from the enduring influence of Egyptian civilization and its deep-rooted beliefs about the sun’s life-giving force.

For parents seeking a name that exudes strength, energy, and a sense of timeless history, Ra serves as a compelling choice. Its association with the sun adds a layer of symbolism that resonates across cultures, making it a meaningful and evocative name for a boy.


The name Helios originates from Greek mythology and holds a powerful meaning as it is associated with the sun god in Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Helios was considered the personification of the sun, often depicted as driving a chariot across the sky, bringing light and warmth to the world. The name itself has a strong and radiant quality, making it an appealing choice for parents seeking a name that embodies strength, warmth, and vitality.

Choosing a name that means “sun” can be significant for many reasons. The sun is often seen as a symbol of life, energy, and renewal across various cultures. Naming a child after the sun can signify hope, brightness, and positivity, reflecting the parents’ aspirations for their child’s future.

Helios, beyond its mythological significance, carries a timeless and classic appeal. It offers a connection to ancient Greek culture and mythology, adding a layer of depth and history to the name. For parents interested in mythology or history, choosing a name like Helios can be a way to honor these interests while also bestowing a meaningful name upon their child.

Furthermore, the name Helios has a melodic and euphonic quality, making it aesthetically pleasing when spoken or written. Its uniqueness sets it apart while still being easy to pronounce and spell, which can be an attractive feature for many parents seeking a distinctive yet accessible name for their child.


Certainly! The name “Inti” holds a rich historical and cultural significance, as it is associated with the Incan sun god. In Incan mythology, Inti was revered as a powerful deity representing the sun, and was considered to be of utmost importance in the Incan civilization. The name itself carries a deep sense of warmth, radiance, and strength, reflecting the qualities often attributed to the sun.

In various cultures, the sun has been a symbol of life, vitality, and power, and names associated with the sun often carry positive connotations. “Inti” not only represents the physical sun but also embodies the spiritual and symbolic aspects of illumination, energy, and life-giving force.

Choosing a name like “Inti” for a boy can serve as a beautiful homage to ancient cultures and their reverence for celestial bodies. Additionally, it can be a way to instill a sense of connection to history and nature, while also bestowing upon the child a name that exudes brightness and positivity.

In modern times, naming a child “Inti” can also reflect an appreciation for diverse cultural heritages and a desire to celebrate the richness of traditions from around the world. This unique and meaningful name can serve as a constant reminder of the enduring power and beauty of the sun, and the values it represents.

What names mean sun prince?


The name Levan is of Georgian origin and holds a beautiful significance related to the sun. Derived from the Georgian word for “sun,” Levan encapsulates the essence of sunrise and all the radiant qualities associated with it. In various cultures, the sun is often seen as a symbol of vitality, strength, and illumination, making names associated with the sun particularly powerful and meaningful.

In its etymology, Levan is deeply connected to the concept of the sun prince, signifying leadership, warmth, and a sense of brightness that brings light to those around him. The name carries a sense of optimism and energy, much like the rising sun itself. It’s a name that not only reflects the natural beauty of the sun but also embodies the hope and promise of each new day.

Choosing a name like Levan for a child can be a way to imbue them with the qualities often associated with the sun—vitality, courage, and a natural ability to bring warmth and light into the lives of others. It’s a name that resonates with positivity and strength, making it a wonderful choice for parents seeking a name that carries both cultural richness and a profound, uplifting meaning.


The name Aten has a rich and fascinating origin, rooted in ancient Egyptian mythology. Derived from the sun god Aton, Aten holds significant meaning as it directly translates to “sun disc.” In Egyptian culture, the sun was revered as a symbol of life, power, and rebirth, making names associated with the sun particularly meaningful.

The significance of the sun in ancient Egypt cannot be overstated. The sun was not only a source of light and warmth but also held deep religious and spiritual importance. It was believed to be a manifestation of the god Ra, representing light, vitality, and the cycle of life. As such, names like Aten carry a sense of divine radiance and strength, embodying the enduring legacy of Egyptian beliefs.

Choosing a name that means “sun” such as Aten can be a way to honor this rich cultural heritage while also symbolizing brightness, energy, and optimism. In modern times, names with such historical and symbolic weight often carry a timeless appeal, connecting individuals to ancient traditions and the natural world.

The name Aten not only carries a beautiful meaning but also serves as a unique and distinctive choice for parents seeking a name that resonates with history and significance. Its ties to the sun and its representation of illumination make it a powerful and evocative option for families looking for a name that embodies warmth, light, and enduring strength.

Prince Sol

The name “Prince Sol” holds a deep significance as it directly embodies the radiant and powerful nature of the sun. Derived from various origins, this name carries a sense of regality and warmth, making it a compelling choice for parents seeking a name that exudes strength and positivity.

In many cultures, the sun is often associated with vitality, leadership, and energy. As such, naming a boy “Prince Sol” not only reflects these qualities but also bestows upon him the essence of a royal figure, symbolizing nobility and greatness. The name “Sol” itself has roots in Latin, where it directly translates to “sun.” This linguistic connection adds an extra layer of depth to the name, emphasizing its tie to the celestial body that has been revered across civilizations for its life-giving properties.

Furthermore, the symbolism behind “Prince Sol” extends beyond its literal meaning. It represents the idea of guidance and illumination, much like the sun’s role in providing light and direction. By choosing this name, parents may be expressing their hopes for their son to embody these qualities, becoming a source of inspiration and guidance for others.

In a world where names carry significant weight and influence, “Prince Sol” stands out as a name that not only honors the celestial power of the sun but also encapsulates the aspirations and dreams parents hold for their child. It serves as a reminder of the brightness and potential within each individual, setting a tone for a life filled with warmth, strength, and leadership.

What names mean sun beam?


The name Aisling is a beautiful Gaelic name that carries a rich and poetic meaning. In Gaelic, Aisling translates to “dream” or “vision,” evoking a sense of imagination and ethereal beauty. This name is deeply rooted in Irish culture and literature, often associated with a genre of poetry and song that personifies Ireland as a woman in peril or seeking independence.

In addition to its association with dreams and visions, Aisling also holds the wonderful connotation of “sunbeam.” The sun has long been a symbol of warmth, light, and life, and the addition of “sunbeam” to the name Aisling further enhances its radiant and positive qualities. It’s a name that not only reflects the brightness of the sun but also embodies the hope and optimism often associated with sunlight.

Choosing a name that means “sun” or is connected to the sun can carry a powerful symbolism, representing strength, vitality, and positivity. A name like Aisling, with its dual meanings of “dream” and “sunbeam,” encapsulates a sense of aspiration and brightness, making it a wonderful choice for parents seeking a name that exudes both warmth and imagination.


The name Kiran is a beautiful Indian unisex name that carries the wonderful meaning of “sunbeam” or “ray of light.” It encapsulates the radiant and warm qualities associated with the sun. In many cultures, the sun is often seen as a symbol of life, vitality, and energy, and names that reflect its significance hold a special place in people’s hearts.

Kiran, with its origins rooted in India, not only reflects the physical attributes of the sun but also its metaphorical qualities. Just as the sun brings light, warmth, and positivity, the name Kiran embodies these traits, signifying hope, brightness, and optimism.

In addition to its profound meaning, the name Kiran has a musical quality to it, rolling off the tongue with a gentle rhythm. Its unisex nature adds to its versatility, making it an appealing choice for both boys and girls. This inclusivity allows the name to transcend traditional gender boundaries, reflecting the evolving perspectives of modern society.

Furthermore, the name Kiran serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of humanity, as it is shared by individuals from diverse backgrounds. Its widespread usage underscores the universal appreciation for the sun’s life-giving force and the symbolism it holds across different cultures.

Choosing a name like Kiran for a child can be a way to honor the significance of light and warmth in one’s life. It can serve as a constant source of inspiration, reminding both the bearer and those around them of the enduring power and beauty of the sun. Whether it’s the dawn of a new day or the promise of a bright future, the name Kiran resonates with a timeless and uplifting message, making it a meaningful and cherished choice for any family.

Meaning and Symbolism of Boy Names That Mean Sun baby sun

The sun has been revered in cultures across history as a life-giving, powerful force of nature. Sun gods appear in ancient myths from civilizations globally, representing concepts like renewal, vitality, knowledge, and more.

Naming your son after this celestial star can impart:

Warmth and brightness

The names associated with the sun often evoke pleasant imagery of light, warmth, and coziness. These names carry a sense of positivity and radiance, conjuring up feelings of comfort and happiness. When we think of names like Sol, Helios, or Ra, we are immediately transported to a mental landscape filled with golden rays, gentle warmth, and a sense of security.

The association of these names with the sun creates an impression of a warm and kind personality. Just as the sun provides light and sustenance to the Earth, these names suggest a nurturing and supportive nature. They bring to mind someone who is caring, compassionate, and brings brightness into the lives of others. The imagery of the sun also implies a sense of reliability and constancy, traits that are often attributed to individuals with such names.

Furthermore, these names can also symbolize strength and resilience. The sun is a powerful force, providing energy and life to the world, and similarly, individuals associated with sun-related names may embody inner strength and the ability to uplift those around them. Their presence is akin to a comforting embrace, exuding a sense of security and optimism.

In various cultures, the sun holds significant symbolism, often representing vitality, enlightenment, and the source of all life. As a result, names linked to the sun carry this rich cultural and mythological heritage, adding depth and meaning to the impression they create. Whether it’s the Greek god Helios riding his chariot across the sky or the Egyptian deity Ra illuminating the world, these names resonate with a timeless and universal appeal.

Strength and guidance

The sun, a radiant sphere of energy at the center of our solar system, serves as a guiding force for life on Earth. Its immense, dependable power not only sustains all living beings but also holds profound symbolic significance. Metaphorically, the sun can represent inner confidence and leadership, reflecting its role in guiding our path and fostering growth.

The sun’s unwavering presence and predictable patterns have long been a source of inspiration for countless cultures throughout history. Its rising and setting mark the passage of time, providing a reliable framework for human activities and natural cycles. This dependability mirrors the qualities of inner confidence—a steadfast belief in oneself and one’s abilities, regardless of external circumstances.

Furthermore, the sun’s role in nurturing life on Earth parallels the way in which strong leadership can foster growth and development within individuals and communities. Just as the sun provides warmth and light, effective leaders offer guidance, support, and inspiration, empowering others to reach their full potential.

In many ancient civilizations, the sun was revered as a symbol of strength, vitality, and enlightenment. Its daily journey across the sky was often associated with themes of renewal, resilience, and the triumph of light over darkness. Similarly, the concept of inner confidence draws from these symbolic representations, embodying the ability to overcome obstacles and shine brightly even in challenging times.

The sun’s influence extends beyond its physical attributes, permeating various aspects of human culture and spirituality. In literature, art, and mythology, it often serves as a metaphor for clarity, knowledge, and spiritual awakening. Likewise, the qualities of effective leadership—vision, courage, and integrity—align with these symbolic interpretations, guiding individuals and groups toward greater understanding and achievement.

As we observe the sun’s consistent presence and its impact on the world around us, we are reminded of the potential for growth and transformation that lies within each of us. Harnessing the symbolism of the sun, we can cultivate our own inner light, drawing upon its energy to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and to inspire others through our leadership.

Energy and enthusiasm

The sun, our nearest star, is the ultimate source of energy for life on Earth. Its fuel, primarily hydrogen, undergoes nuclear fusion in its core, converting into helium and releasing an enormous amount of energy in the process. This energy, in the form of light and heat, sustains all life on our planet. The sunlight provides the necessary warmth for the growth of plants, which form the base of the food chain, and it also drives the weather systems that distribute water across the globe.

Moreover, the sun’s energy is crucial for the process of photosynthesis, through which plants convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. This not only provides food for the plants themselves but also serves as the foundation for the entire food web, supporting all forms of life, from microscopic organisms to large animals.

In addition to sustaining life, the sun also influences various natural phenomena on Earth. Solar activity, such as sunspots and solar flares, can impact our planet’s magnetic field and even disrupt communication systems and power grids. Furthermore, the sun’s energy is a vital component in the water cycle, driving evaporation and precipitation, which are essential for maintaining the Earth’s ecosystems.

Considering the significance of the sun in sustaining life and driving natural processes on our planet, a name that captures its zestful spirit could be “Solara.” This name reflects the sun’s vibrant and energetic nature, symbolizing the life-giving and dynamic force that it represents. Just as the sun infuses life with energy and vitality, the name “Solara” embodies the essence of the sun’s role in fueling activity and sustaining life on Earth.


Choosing a name for your child is a big decision, and choosing one that means sun adds an extra layer of meaning and significance. Whether you’re drawn to a strong and powerful name like Apollo or a modern and trendy name like Elio, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to boy names that mean sun. Consider the tips and examples mentioned in this article to find the perfect name for your little ray of sunshine.

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