Japanese Names with Dark Meanings for Male Babies

Naming a baby is one of the most important and exciting decisions parents make. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect name that not only sounds good but also has a suitable meaning. For some parents, traditional names or names with positive meanings do not appeal to them, and they may prefer a name with a darker meaning. In this article, we will explore 10 Japanese male names with dark meanings.

1. Akuma

Akuma means “demon” or “devil.” While it may sound ominous, this name is quite popular in Japan and has been used in various anime and manga series as a character name.

2. Kuro

Kuro means “black” or “darkness.” It’s a simple yet powerful name that has become increasingly popular among parents who want their child’s name to have a mysterious and enigmatic feel.

3. Akira

Akira has two meanings; “bright” and “clear,” or “dark” and “mysterious.” Although the latter definition may seem to fit the theme of this article better, the former definition is more commonly used.

4. Jigoku

Jigoku means “hell.” Despite its intense meaning, this name has been used in various Japanese films and literature, making it an attractive choice for some parents.

5. Yami

Yami means “darkness” or “shadow.” This name has been used in several anime and manga series as a character name, adding to its appeal for many parents.

6. Kyoya

Kyoya means “dark valley.” It’s a unique name that has a gloomy yet intriguing tone. It was also the name of a popular character in the anime series “Ouran High School Host Club.”

7. Shikyo

Shikyo means “death” or “dying.” It’s a heavy name that carries a lot of weight but may be suitable for parents who want a name with a strong and powerful meaning.

8. Kurayami

Kurayami means “darkness” or “gloom.” It’s a name that’s not commonly used, making it a unique choice for parents who want their child’s name to stand out.

9. Rokudou

Rokudou means “six paths,” which refers to the six realms of existence in Buddhist cosmology. One of these realms is the realm of hell, adding a dark connotation to this name.

10. Shura

Shura means “carnage” or “slaughter.” Although its meaning is gruesome, it was also the name of a popular character in the anime series “Blue Exorcist.”

In conclusion, these are ten Japanese male names with dark meanings that parents can consider when naming their baby boy. While they may not appeal to everyone, they offer a unique and intriguing option for those seeking a name with a more ominous tone.


  1. Are these names only used in Japan?
  2. No, these names can be used in any part of the world, as long as they are culturally appropriate.
  1. Are there any other languages with names that have dark meanings?
  2. Yes, several languages, including English, have names with dark meanings.
  1. Should I consider my child’s personality when choosing a name with a darker meaning?
  2. It’s always important to think about your child’s personality when choosing a name. However, it’s ultimately up to the parents’ discretion to decide whether a name with a darker meaning is suitable.
  1. Can these names be used for girls?
  2. While some of these names are traditionally male, they can be used for girls as well.
  1. Is it necessary to choose a name with a positive meaning?
  2. No, it’s not necessary. While some parents prefer positive meanings, others may want a name with a darker tone or significance. Ultimately, it’s up to the parents to decide what type of name they want for their child.

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