Esther A Biblical Name with a Rich Meaning

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind the name Esther? This biblical name has a fascinating history and significance that might surprise you. In this article, we’ll explore the origins and various interpretations of the name Esther.

The Origins of the Name Esther

The name Esther is derived from the Hebrew word “haster,” which means “hidden” or “concealed.” It first appears in the Old Testament book of Esther, which tells the story of a Jewish woman who becomes queen of Persia and saves her people from genocide.

According to the biblical account, Esther was originally named Hadassah, which means “myrtle” in Hebrew. However, when she became queen, she changed her name to Esther, perhaps to conceal her Jewish identity or to adopt a more Persian-sounding name.

The Meaning of the Name Esther

The name Esther has been interpreted in several ways, based on its Hebrew root and the character of Queen Esther in the Bible. Here are some possible meanings:

  1. Hidden or Concealed
    As mentioned earlier, the Hebrew root of Esther means “hidden” or “concealed.” This could reflect Queen Esther’s initial concealment of her Jewish identity or her eventual revelation of the villainous plot against her people.
  1. Star
    Some scholars suggest that the name Esther may also be related to the Persian word for “star.” This interpretation could allude to Queen Esther’s radiant beauty or her role as a shining light for her people.
  1. Victory or Salvation
    Another possible interpretation of the name Esther is “victory” or “salvation.” This reflects Esther’s heroic actions in saving her people from genocide and establishing a joyful holiday, Purim, to commemorate their deliverance.

Significance of the Name Esther

The name Esther carries significant meaning for many Jewish families and communities around the world. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Connection to Jewish History and Culture
    As one of the few biblical books named after a woman, the book of Esther holds special significance for Jewish women and girls. The story of Queen Esther is also a powerful reminder of Jewish perseverance and survival in the face of persecution.
  1. Inspiration for Courage and Faith
    The character of Queen Esther has inspired countless individuals throughout history with her courage, faith, and willingness to speak truth to power. Her example continues to inspire Jewish and non-Jewish people alike to stand up against injustice and oppression.
  1. Symbol of Beauty and Grace
    In addition to her bravery and intelligence, Queen Esther is often admired for her beauty and grace. Many Jewish girls are named Esther as a tribute to these qualities, or as a hopeful wish for their daughters’ future.

Common Variations of the Name Esther

Esther has been a popular name for girls throughout Jewish history and beyond. Here are some common variations of the name:

  • Estee: A shortened version of Esther that is sometimes used as a nickname.
  • Hadas: A Hebrew name meaning “myrtle,” which is similar to Esther’s original name, Hadassah.
  • Stella: A Latin name meaning “star,” which may be related to the Persian interpretation of Esther’s name.


The name Esther has a rich history and meaning that goes beyond its popularity as a baby name. Whether you’re a fan of biblical stories, a student of Jewish culture, or simply curious about name meanings, Esther is a name worth exploring.

So the next time you come across someone named Esther, remember the hidden depths of this beautiful name.


  1. What does the name Esther mean in Hebrew?
    The name Esther is derived from the Hebrew word “haster,” which means “hidden” or “concealed.”
  1. What is the significance of Queen Esther in Jewish history?
    Queen Esther is celebrated as a heroic figure who saved the Jewish people from genocide in ancient Persia. Her story is commemorated every year during the holiday of Purim.
  1. Is Esther a common name today?
    While Esther has been a popular name for girls throughout history, it is less commonly used today than it was in the past.
  1. What are some similar names to Esther?
    Common variations of the name Esther include Estee, Hadas, and Stella.
  1. Why do some Jewish girls have two names, Esther and another one?
    In Jewish tradition, it is common for a person to have both a Hebrew name (often based on biblical or historical figures) and a secular name (such as Esther) for everyday use in non-Jewish contexts. This reflects the idea that a person’s identity is multi-faceted and can be expressed through different names or labels.

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