Darling Baby Names A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Little One

As expectant parents, one of the most exciting aspects of preparing for your bundle of joy is choosing the perfect name. While some parents opt for traditional or family names, others prefer a more unique moniker. If you’re searching for a name that means “darling,” we’ve got you covered. Below are several options to consider.

1. Amara

Amara is a lovely name of African origin that means “graceful.” It’s both exotic and easy to pronounce, making it a popular choice for many parents. The name also has cultural significance, as it’s used in several African languages.

2. Carina

Carina is a beautiful name with Latin roots that means “beloved.” It’s a romantic and elegant choice that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

3. Esme

Esme is a French name that means “beloved.” It’s a soft and feminine name that has a vintage feel. It gained popularity after being featured in the Twilight series and has remained a popular choice ever since.

4. Mila

Mila is a Slavic name that means “gracious” or “dear.” It’s been rising in popularity over the past decade and has become a favorite among parents who want a short and sweet name for their baby girl.

5. Aziz

Aziz is an Arabic name that means “beloved” or “dear.” It’s a strong and powerful name that has cultural significance in the Muslim world. It’s also been used by celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey for their sons.

6. Carys

Carys is a Welsh name that means “love” or “beloved.” It’s a unique and beautiful name that has a gentle sound. Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones chose this name for her daughter, which helped bring it into the public eye.

7. Dara

Dara is a unisex name of Hebrew origin that means “dear” or “beloved.” It’s a short and sweet name that has been used by both boys and girls. It’s also a popular name in Ireland, where it means “oak tree.”

8. David

David is a timeless name of Hebrew origin that means “beloved.” It’s a classic choice that has been used for centuries and has remained popular to this day. It’s also the name of several famous figures, including King David of the Bible.

9. Kiefer

Kiefer is a German name that means “pine tree.” While it doesn’t directly mean “darling,” the association with nature and the idea of something cherished makes it a beautiful choice for a baby boy.

10. Milena

Milena is a Slavic name that means “gracious” or “dear.” It’s a longer and more romantic version of the name Mila and has a similar meaning. It’s a beautiful choice for parents who want a name that’s both elegant and unique.

Whether you choose a name that means “beloved,” “gracious,” or “dear,” there are many options available for parents who want to give their little one a fitting moniker. Consider the sound, meaning, and cultural significance of each name before making your final decision.


  1. What are some other names that mean “darling”?
    Some other options include Aiko, Aziza, Cherie, and Corazon.
  1. Are names that mean “darling” only for girls?
    No, there are several unisex and boy names with this meaning, such as Aziz, Dara, and David.
  1. Can I choose a name that means “darling” for my baby if it’s not part of my cultural heritage?
    Yes, you can choose any name that resonates with you and your partner, regardless of its origin.
  1. How do I know if a name is too unique or uncommon?
    While there’s no right or wrong answer to this question, consider how easy it will be for others to pronounce and spell the name. You may also want to research the name’s popularity to get a sense of how common it is.
  1. Can I combine two names to create a unique one that means “darling”?
    Yes, you can combine different names or words to create a unique name that has personal significance to you. Just make sure it’s easy to pronounce and spell.

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