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I want to be impeccable too!  How do we start?

Awesome!  We would love for you to be impeccable too…let’s start with a design consult first.

I’ve never hired a designer, and like decorating my home, but want a little help…where could I start?

Let’s get started with a consult.  From there, we can help you figure out what’s best.

I love your style…but I don’t have a big enough budget to afford to have you “On Call,” how can I still be impeccable?

No problemo!  We have a great service called “Impeccable Bestie,” and for $20/year you can ask us a few questions in our private group Instagram account and listen to us live 2 times a week!.

You two are amazing!  Love everything about you, but I don’t live in New England…would you come and help?

We love working with clients out of state!  Right now, you can work with us virtually, and if you really want us to come and visit, we can make arrangements (travel + lodging will be added).

Do you offer full-service interior design?

Yes, but we limit ourselves to 1-2 clients/year.  

I want full-service!  How can I be one of your clients?

We have a 3 room minimum, $150,000+ furniture budget.  Email us if you’re interested!

What’s “The Impeccable Bestie?” 

That’s our newest way to work and learn with us!  Got Instagram?  We’ve created a private, members-only account, where we will share behind the scenes info, Q+As, where we go, and more! Check it out here.

I love “Your Best Design Advice” eBook…is there more?  Can I take a class?

We’re working on it!  Be sure to sign up to learn more about the classes we will be rolling out…it all starts Fall 2020!

Will you offer any more live classes/workshops?

Hopefully, but due to the current circumstances we have been quarantining at home, but…we are definitely making it easier for YOU to work WITH us. Have you become an impeccable bestie yet?  Have you signed up for a consult?

Wow! There’s so much here! How did you find all of these great things?

First, shopping is our job, and we are always sourcing for ourselves, clients, and the blog!  Second, we wanted to be sure you had one spot to find all of the pieces we include in our impeccable spaces.

Do you have a store?

No, we don’t have a store, but have curated a collection of our favorite things that we are always looking for from our favorite places.

The links brought me to another store…

Yes, they did. We have used affiliate links for you to purchase directly from the website. Although we do get a small percentage of your purchase, there is no additional cost to you!

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