How We Thrift

How We Thrift

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Let’s take this show on the road. Literally.

People have been begging us to take them to our favorite local haunts. We will start this trip at one of the best-kept secrets in this area, find some great pieces, and discuss the power of antiques/vintage.

You won’t want to miss this workshop! Bring photos of spaces in your home that you need help with…we want to get to work. Nothing is better than shopping with a project in mind!

Plus we will tell you:

  • Decorating on a shoestring, what we do and WHERE we go.
  • How to achieve that layered look.
  • Cost-saving, home decor tricks…and when to splurge.

Course Content

STEP 1: What’s the Plan?
STEP 2: Messaging
STEP 3: Visual Branding

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