wordpress here we come

Wordpress Here We Come.1

We leave this weekend for a design bloggers workshop.
We are super excited and a bit overwhelmed and nervous too.
If you had asked us this past year if we thought of ourselves as bloggers, we would have definitely replied, “No way!” We design interiors. This blog thing is just something we are trying out.

Well trying out has quickly turned into a big part of our business plan.
Yes everyone is doing it and if you are not taking it seriously you aren’t keeping up.
Blogging is big business.

We spend more than 40 hours a week on our blog now.
So this is not a hobby, hence it is time to get some much needed education from some design blog experts. We expect to be overwhelmed yet totally excited to learn.

Before we go, we have a made the big decision to move our website to WordPress.
We considered it initially but it was really too complicated at that time. So we went with Wix because it was super user-friendly and it honestly got the job done for where we were at that time. But now that we have decided to embrace this blogger business plan, it seems like we should use the platform that is used by the professionals.

That said, wow it is a whole new language and set of skills.
We won’t be ready to launch before we leave for the conference but here are a few screen shots of what we have done so far. We are excited about our new modern fresh look…stay tuned though because we probably won’t be ready for prime time for awhile.

Any WordPress experts out there?
We could pay intrade. That’s impeccable.

Wordpress Here We Come.2

Wordpress Here We Come.3

Wordpress Here We Come.4

Wordpress Here We Come.5

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