January 20, 2017 The Women’s March. Why we march

The Women’s March

My mother and her mother…and so many mothers before me got out there and fought for social change and against injustice. They stood up for civil rights, women’s rights and the men and women during the Vietnam war. There were sit ins and civil disobedience to get action and be heard.

I never really got what it meant when they said “we’ve come a long way baby.”

I have always held up the peace sign.

But did I really get it?

This past year has given me something, to make me feel what all those stories must have felt like. To feel at your core that something is wrong and to have something worth standing up for. Thanks to many before me I’ve had it good.

Until now.

I want MY voice to be heard.
I want MY government to understand my positions.
Women’s rights are human rights.

The Women's March

Thank you to all the women and men who stood before me. I get it and I will never be complacent again, nor allow my daughters and future son to become complacent either.

You’ve passed the torch and we will not let that flame go out.

That is why I march.


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