Window Treatments: Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds, just might be the only window treatment you will ever need.

We are asked about window treatments all the time from clients. There are just so many styles, fabrics, and things to consider it can be so overwhelming to homeowners. Although they know how much window treatments give a space the finished look they so desire.

If there was one answer we could give you all out there. That one answer would be: bamboo blinds.

Yup, honestly, bamboo blinds just might be the only window treatment you will ever need. It doesn’t matter if your home style is traditional, modern, bohemian..whatever.  They go with any style.  Bamboo blinds will give your room that much needed warmth and texture that every designer aims to bring to a design. And the best part, you can find them for seriously under 30 bucks. We just bulked ordered them for our new home, #anewhorizon and we are always so amazed at how much they add to a room. Best part is, besides being super affordable, they are a total DIY project. Bamboo blinds are a cinch to hang yourself!  Of course you can layer them with panels for that beyond designer look, but ladies and gentlemen that can wait for a later date…or never.

So now that you have the answer, GO OUT and get bamboo blinds for every window of your home!

Here is one that we like and it will not break the bank. Or you might like this, this, or this too! *please know we make a small commish if you choose to buy any of these products but it does not increase price for you.

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